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UI/UX Design

To create aesthetically pleasing and user friendly websites or apps.

Get Scholarship Upto 50%


UI/UX Design

To create aesthetically pleasing and user friendly websites or apps.


UI UX Design Course

This course has been designed to equip you with the knowledge of designing the aesthetic of products four the experience of using those products digitally. UI and UX often used interchangeably are the skills required to create the layout, aesthetic, and interface of products and services offered digitally. This course will make you capable of making the first outlook of a product or service, using wireframes and prototypes, and making the experience of users easy and smooth.

Course Highlights


Difference between UI and UX


Web and Mobile UI Design


UI elements


Importance of UX


UX Tools & Techniques


Live Projects


12 Course Modules


5 Assignments


20 Hourse Of Training


Free Backup Classes

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Take a look at how IFDA helps you to have a great career by delivering the best content and practice.

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Learning Outcome

You will get to know the core difference between User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX)
You will get to create wireframes, prototypes, and mockups to realize the requirements of the clients.
You will learn to make web and mobile designs
You will get a thorough understanding of elements like color, typography, patterns, etc.
You will be versed in UX tools like Figma, Adobe, and more.
You will get practical experience with our hands-on approach and live projects.

Languages and tools that you will learn in this course

Language and tools that you will learn in this course

Course Content

1)    Figma

  •    Figma tools and interface
  •    Collaboration in Figma
  •    Exporting graphics
  •    Apple Watch project
  •    Components in Figma
  •    Optimizing vectors
  •    High fidelity wireframes
  •    UI components
  •    Understanding Wireflow
  •    Designing mock screens
  •    Prototyping

2)   HTML5

  •    Introduction to HTML 5
  •    Editors
  •    Elements & Attributes
  •    Headings, Paragraphs, & Formatting
  •    Colors, Links, Images & Tables
  •    Lists, Blocks, Iframes & File Paths
  •    Head, Layout & Responsive
  •    Entities & Symbols
  •    Charset & Forms
  •    Input Types & Attributes

3)   CSS3

  •    Introduction to CSS
  •    Syntax
  •    Selectors, Colors & Backgrounds
  •    Borders, Margins & Padding
  •    Height/Width & Outline
  •    Text, Fonts & Tables
  •    Links, Lists & Display
  •    Max-width
  •    Position & Overflow
  •    Float, Align & Opacity
  •    Navigation Bar & Dropdowns
  •    Image Gallery
  •    Image Sprites
  •    Attribute Selectors
  •    Website Layout

4)   Bootstrap

  •    Responsive navbars
  •    Margins
  •    Modals
  •    Dialogs
  •    Buttons
  •    Forms
  •    List groups
  •    Badges, pills
  •    Cards
  •    Tables
  •    Alerts
  •    Navigation options
  •    Links
  •    Media object
  •    Dropdown
  •    Pagination
  •    Process bar & Collapse
  •    Bootstrap Scaffolding
  •    Page Components
  •    Page Components Forms
  •    Extending Bootstrap With Custom Plugins

5)   JavaScript

  •    Introduction to JavaScript
  •    Syntax & Comments
  •    Variables & Bitwise Operators
  •    Arithmetic, Data Types & Functions
  •    Objects & Events
  •    Arrays Methods, Sort & Iteration & Strings
  •    Dates & Math
  •    Random, Booleans & Comparisons
  •    Conditions & Switch
  •    For & While Loop
  •    Break & type conversion
  •    DOM & BOM

6)   jQuery

  •    Introduction to Jquery
  •    BASICS
  •    DOM Attributes
  •    CSS Methods
  •    Effects
  •    Syntax, Selectors, Events
  •    Effects (Hide/Show, Fade, Slide, Animate, stop(), Callback, Chaining)
  •    HTML (Get & Set, Add & Remove, CSS Classes, Dimensions)
  •    Traversing, Ancestors, Descendant, Siblings & Filtering
  •    Events (scroll, click & doubl click)

7)   React JS

  •    React Setup and Intro
  •    React Basics
  •    React State
  •    React Events & Form
  •    More Forms
  •    Lists and Conditional Rendering
  •    More Conditional Rendering & Styles
  •    React Handling Side Effects
  •    Working with APIs (Functional Only)
  •    UseReducer Hook
  •    Context API
  •    Context API Advance topics
  •    Advanced React
  •    React Optimization
  •    Class-Based Components
  •    React Router

8)   Angular JS

  •    Angular Overview
  •    All about TypeScript
  •    Angular CLI
  •    Angular Building Blocks
  •    Angular Modules
  •    Components in Angular
  •    Templates in Angular
  •    Data Binding
  •    Angular Directive and Pipes
  •    Angular Forms
  •    Dependency Injections
  •    Angular Routing with Guards
  •    RxJs Primer
  •    Angular Advanced Features
  •    Testing
  •    Learn Deployment

Jobs you will get after completing course

The aim of investing in any skill is to make a good future and earn the desired lifestyle for ourselves. Learning the skills of User Interface and User Experience is going to give you the chance to use your cultivated talent to get rewarding jobs.

Job profile

After completing this course

Average salary

( 1+ year experience)

Product Designer 25k-30k
Product Manager 30k-40k
Front-End Developer 30k-60k
App Designer 30k-60k
UI-UX Designer 40k-80k

Features & Facilities

Student Reviews

ifda students review
The Rajan
Google Review 

Amazing institute... I am a student of IFDA and I am learning digital marketing and video editing in these days. My experience is good here I can understand easily what I am thought here. I suggest everyone who wants to make career should join IFDA.

ifda students review
Google Acc.
Google Review 

I'm Kunal Digital Marketing Student, I'm learning in the institute, My course going smoothly, and I'm satisfy with this institute

Reena Jha
Google Review 

From the day, when i take admission, I have learned digital marketing with great experience from IFDA. from the infrastructure to faculty all are superb and. mainly i got here practical based learning. i would like to highly recommend it.

Frequently Asked Questions


This is a short-term program happening as a part of the Summer Training Camp.

You do not need to know coding to do this course, but if you do it will be an advantage.

Since the classes will happen on Saturdays only, there are designated backup classes, but you are free to ask your trainers and peers about the learnings of the previous class.

Yes, you can do this course straight after high school. It will inculcate the technical skills required in any profession.

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