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Advance Master Diploma in Computer Application

To acquire the most required skills in every professional field.

start your early earning with this course



Most Required Skills in Every Professional Field.

Start your early earning with this course


ADCA Course

ADCA stands for Advance Diploma in Computer Application intended to impart the students to gain hands-on skills related to computer applications and software. If you have passed your 12th grade and want to make a career in any field or pursue Graduation then this course is necessary for you. This course allows you to upgrade your skills and stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and trends in the field. The course exposes you to basic computer application, programming languages, Ms office, graphic designing, and many others. It is a great course to kickstart your career in any field and pitch yourself in supervising and leadership roles.

Course Highlights


Basics of Computer




Graphic designing


Website Designing


GST & TDS Return Filing


English Speaking


14 Course Modules


5 Assignments


417 Hours Of Training


1 Year Free Backup Classes

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Take a look at how IFDA helps you to have a great career by delivering the best content and practice.

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Learning Outcome

You will understand the basics concept of computer hardware, software, and networking.
You will be professional in using MS-Window operating system from basic to advance
You will know how to create documents by using text, graphics, and tables with font style and size to enhance appearance in different sizes and formats by using Ms-Word.
You will be able to create data formatting and manipulation by using formulas and functions in MS-excel. And know how to sort, filter the data, and create charts, and pivot tables.
You will be skilled in designing and delivering presentations with formatted slides and text, images, and video. Also, know how to apply template animation and transition.
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You will get extreme knowledge of web coding such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and server-side scripting languages like PHP or Python. It will enable you to create static and dynamic websites.
You can develop expertise in using Tally Prime software, you will get knowledge of various accounting operations like:- ledger creation, voucher, and journal entry. Along with financial statements, manage inventory, and tax compliances including GST Invoicing and reporting.
You will learn the rules and regulations which are required in GST & TDS. Which develops a detailed understanding of the GST framework, including its concepts, principles, and legal provisions. you will know to calculate the TDS amount and generate tds certificates.
You can develop your communication skills and build confidence in speaking English. Also, improve Your vocabulary and grammar.
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Software that you will learn in this course

Course Content

1)    Fundamental of Computer

    •     Introduction of Computer
    •     Evolution of the Computer
    •     Computer Generations
    •     Types of Computer
    •     Characteristics of Computers
    •     Classification of Computers
    •     Basic Applications of Computer
    •     Components of a Computer System
    •     Concept of Hardware & Software
    •     Computer Virus & Vaccines
    •     Anti-Virus / Network

2)    MS Windows

    •     Introduction to MS-Windows
    •     Different Versions of Windows 10
    •     Basic Elements of Opening Screen
    •     WordPad / Notepad
    •     MS-Paint / Calculator
    •     Internet

3)    MS Office

    •    MS-Word
    •    MS-Excel
    •    MS-PowerPoint
    •    MS-Access
    •    MS-Outlook

4)    Adobe Photoshop

    •     All Tools
    •     Vector Tool
    •     Create pattern/Brush & Gradient
    •     Border Creation Through
    •     Bevel & Emboss
    •     Layer Styles
    •     Types Of Layer
    •     Linking & Saving web page

5)    Indesign

    •    Page Setup
    •    Tool Box
    •    Numbering
    •    Pages panel
    •    Brochure
    •    Magazine Page
    •    Forms
    •    Payment Slips

6)    HTML5

    •     Introduction to HTML
    •     Editors
    •     Headings, Paragraphs & Formating
    •     Color, Links, Images & Tables
    •     Lists, Blocks, Iframes & File Paths
    •     Head, Layout & Responsive
    •     Entities & Symbols
    •     Charset & Forms
    •     Input Types & Attributes

7)    CSS

    •     Introduction to CSS
    •     Syntax
    •     Selectors, Colors & Backgrounds
    •     Height/Width & Outline
    •     Text,Fonts & Tables
    •     Max-Width
    •     Position & Overflow
    •     Float, Align & Opacity
    •     Navigation Bar & Dropdowns
    •     Image gallery
    •     Image Sprites
    •     Attribute Selectors
    •     Website Layout

8)    JavaScript

    •    Introduction
    •    Scripting, Data Type
    •    Variables, Array
    •    Operator, Function
    •    Programming Construct

9)    Tally Prime

•    Fundamentals of Accounting and Inventory Management
•    Accounting day to day transactions
•    Receivables and Payables Management
•    Banking and Payments
•    Storage and Classifications of Inventory
•    Administration of Complete Order Processing
•    Data Management

10)    GST

    •     Getting Started with GST (Goods / Services)
    •     Recording Advanced and Adjustment Entries
    •     E-Way bill
    •     Generating GST Reports
    •     Filing of error free return
    •     2A Reconciliation

11)    Typing

    •     Home Row / Top-Row Bottom-Row Keys
    •     Fourth-Row Number and Symbol Keys
    •     Shift Keys
    •     Mastering the Keys
    •     Skill Drills
    •     Sentence Repetition
    •     Paragraph Practice
    •     Speed Boosters
    •     Timed Tests
    •     Business Letters / Memos
    •     Personal Business Notes

12)    Spoken English

    •    Part of Speech
    •    The English Tense System
    •    Learn Phrases
    •    Tongue Twisters
    •    Number Homophones
    •    Vocabulary Word
    •    Pronunciation Tips
    •    Speak in front of mirror
    •    Participate in English conversations: Listen, talk and learn
    •    Read English News Papers

Jobs and Career Opportunity After Completing Course

After completing this course you will get many job and career opportunities easily in the computer and IT field like e-commerce, government organizations, and security companies. You can start your early earnings with this course because there is no education criteria for this course and every business needs that kind of skilled employee. This course will also allow you to do work from home. After learning this course you can set up your own business.

Job profile

After completing this course

Average salary

( 1+ year experience)

Receptionist 10k-35k
HR Assistant 15k- 55k
Tax Consultant 20k- 55k
Graphic Designer 10k- 40k
Computer Operator 15k- 35k
BPO Executive 15k- 45k
Data Management 25k- 65k
Office Automation 25k- 55k
Website Designer 35k- 75k
Technical Writer 15k- 30k

Features & Facilities

Student Reviews

ifda student review
Google Review 

I am a student of IFDA Institute Kalkaji and I am learning ADCA course. I am learning various modules in my course.My experience is very good here. IFDA provides practical as well as theory classes of every concept. Even the smart classes are provided for practical section through which it becomes very easy to understand.

ifda student review
Google Review 

Hey ,there I am a student in IFDA Institute and my course is a ADCA. I am having a great time doing this Course and the best institute. Literally, here the teachers are very good and helpful to the students.

ifda student review
Google Review 

I study at IFDA Institute. I am an ADCA Course student. I understand everything in my class. It's very easy to understand everything. Every query or question are solved. Very helpful and supportive staff. My experience is good so far with ifda. I suggest everyone to join this instituteā¤

Frequently Asked Questions

IFDA believes in offering assistance to its students. Therefore we aid our outperforming students with in-house internships. Students with determination and hard work can also earn an internship from the collaborating companies of IFDA.

We believe that school education is the prime experience, and a student should focus solely on it during their school life. However, if you have the ability to juggle your school hours and training hours we will offer you flexible schedules.

There are numerous career options open for students with an ADCA like HR Assistant, Tax Consultant, BPO Executive, Computer operator, office automation, etc.

You will be learning MS Office, programming languages, web designing, tally, taxation, finance, and public speaking along with some other skills in this course.

Students from any academic stream can pursue this course. The course will introduce you to the computer and IT Field, the basics of computers, along with other modules so no prior education is required.

The course has a module containing Indesign that will teach you to create posters, brochures, flyers, magazines, and other tools that are also there to help with designing.

The aim of this course is to help students to learn the basics of computers and gain knowledge about the hardware and the software of the computer. The course will introduce you from basics to advance knowledge of computers application.

The course does not have any specific eligibility criteria. Anyone from a student, professional, or beginner can enroll in this course and start their career in the computer field.

The course starts with the fundamentals of computers and also provides you with knowledge of MS Office, design, GST, and English speaking. This course is designed to help students from the most basic level.

Most students prefer to attend physical classes because of the person-to-person experience. However, if you are an outstation student, the option of an online class is open to you.

The course has a total of 14 elaborative modules which will be covered in a duration of 16 months.

Our trainers have high experience in their respective fields. They are certified professionals, who are passionate about their studentsā€™ learning and future. They have taught more than a thousand students so they ensure that each student has a satisfactory experience in class.
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