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Stock Market

To become an expert in trading with the help of


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About Courses

Stock marketing refers to the aggregation of buying and selling of stocks into the market. Investors get the ownership claims into the businesses. It can be done through trading the stock privately or securities listed on a public stock exchange. Everybody wants financial independence. So, it regards as the second source of income for its risky nature. You may be a beginner as an investor. But this course will boost your confidence, allowing you to step easily into the stock market.

Stock Market Course Content

Basic stock market

Tackle all your inhibitions and fears that come along the way of investment as a beginner and build a strong foundation in the Stock Market.

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Stock Market Trading

Trade with the edge of a professional with extensive knowledge of multiple market types and smart investment tricks to help you become a trader with no match.

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Diploma in
Stock Market

Get to learn all the trending and essentials - by making the most advantage of the growing academy by learning to invest in stocks with influential economic growth.

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NCFM Capital Market

Learn everything you need to know in the capital market, along with the legal and regulatory frameworks, to earn quick gains and a better grip on the market.

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NISM Derivative
Series VIII

Gain expertise in equity, derivative, and trading system, to reign the field of the Stock Market.

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NCFM Technical

Predict the future of your investments with the use of various charts, patterns, theories, strategies, and significantly, trade psychology to earn maximum profits in the market.

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NCFM Options

Accomplish your career goals, by accomplishing your investment goals with the help of options strategies in the derivative market.

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NISM Commodity Derivative Series XVI

Determine the quality of the assets you want to invest in and get to earn profits in different markets, with the knowledge of hedging.

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Nism Currency
Derivative Series I

And master the skills of the currency market with our industry-relevant Currency Market Course to improve your efficiency in trading with our diverse curriculum.

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NCFM Fundamental Analysis

Learn to predict the market growth based on the existing tried and tested statistics of the past to determine a fruitful future.

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Take a look at how IFDA helps you to have a great career by delivering the best content and practice.

Learning Outcome

Understand the stock market with help of our optimum profitable strategies.
Learn Advance Trading Strategies Which Works In All Market Situation With High Accuracy
Identify the right entry or exit in trade
Early Identification of Breakout and Breakdown in Market
Winners Mindset and Psychology in Trade
Break the Barrier and Fear in Trading
Become a Profitable Pro-Trader
Ways to identify right breakout and fake breakout in stocks and Index.
Identity big move using our Profit Generator System.
Identify sideways move using our Light House technique.

Software and Apps that you will learn in this course

Jobs You will Get After Completing The Course

The stock market provides a platform for many interesting job roles in the domain of finance. With a fair amount of expertise and experience, professionals in this field can make huge earnings within short span of time. In a stock market career, it may be beneficial for you to examine the variety of job roles this field has to offer.

Job profile

After completing this course

Average salary

( 1+ year experience)

Stock Advisor 25K-30K
Investment Advisor 35K-40K
Financial Advisor 30K-35K
Online Stock Trader 40K-50k (Approx)
Portfolio Management Services (PMS) 35k-40k
Equity Analyst (Fundamental/ Technical) 55K-60K
Financial Analyst 35K-40K
Research Analyst 40K–50K
Market Researcher 35K–40K
Insurance distributor/advisor 25K–30K
MF Distributor/Advisor 25K–30K

Features & Facilities

Student Reviews

ifda student review
Asif Saifi
Google Review

The tutor has clearly explained various concepts of trading, investment and risk management strategies with examples and a lot more. I have learned about finance ratio, cost, financial statement and trading.

ifda student review
Shadab saifi
Google Review

It's a very nice course. I have make profit from first day.This course is a must for any one who wants to pursue a career in trading. I would recommend you to take this course. Thank you, IFDA.

ifda student review
Prashant Gautam
Google Review

The course was helpful in understanding the stock market movement. Here trainer were so good in explaining the things, they provide practical application and implementation of theory which help me to earn profit a lot.

Frequently Asked Questions

It will be both in offline and online mode.

You will attend revision classes for the same topic on the same day or next day.

yes our courses have trading plans which is useful for those who are doing trading and want to restart trading to recover losses and become profitable.

It is a market where you trade in instruments like shares and it has many components like equity and derivatives, commodity and currency.

In this industry, if you are having minimum 2 certificates of NSE then you are readily taken by the industry. You not only get a stable, payable, office seating job but on top of it, you also earn incentives too. You can become dealer investment advisory, relationship manager. You are also readily imbibed in risk and compliance terms.

NSE certificates are the license to work in stock market financial markets and banks. The corporate and banks get ID’s only if they have authorized NSE certificate person and it is mandatory by govt of india ( SEBI- RBI)

Oh yes, definitely you can open your own business by taking franchisee of any broker, but for this NSE qualification is the most. You can also upgrade to research modules and give tips and advisory to your clients.

You can start your own trading and manage your own portfolio in this market, you can become a broker or sub-broker and do business, or you can open you research advisory company and give research tips to your clients.

Yes surely. You can definitely get it customized.

Yes, we have batches for those candidates, who are working on weekend basis and in evenings on weekdays.

we are not involved in such practice and we advice you to not expect this from us, you do not have to depend on others learn with us and become independent to make your financial decisions.

The trainer has 6 years plus experience in stock market trading. He has adopted a practical approach with his own strategies and plans.

Yes afcourse but It’s risky for those who trade without any proper training and knowledge.

Our trainer will used both English and hindi languages.

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