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NISM Commodity Derivatives Market

Accentuate your trading acumen with our expert-led NISM Commodity Market
Course and conquer the complexities of market fundamentals and price analysis



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In this course we are offering a comprehensive overview of the trading industry. You will learn about features, functions, and types of Commodity Markets. This course will be delivered from basic to advanced learners so you can also learn advanced trading methods.

NISM Commodity Derivative Market Course Highlights


Spot and Derivatives


Commodity Index


Future and Options


Risk Disclosure


Options Spread


15 Hours Practical Training


4+ course module


1 Year Free Backup Classes

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NISM Commodity Derivative Market Learning Outcome

You'll gain an understanding of the commodity market, including the option and index future.
You'll be suitable to identify and explain the major commodities trade in India.
You'll get to know about Option Premium, Commodity Future, Arbitrage, and Spread Trading.
You'll be suitable to identify Risk Management for exchange trade commodity derivatives.
You'll get to know about Accounting, Taxation, Legal and Regulatory Environment, etc

Software that you will learn in this course

NISM Commodity Derivative Market Course Content

1)    Introduction to Commodity Markets

  • History of Commodity Trading
  • Spot and Derivatives Trading in Commodities
  • Major Commodities Traded in Derivatives Exchanges in India
  • Participants in Commodity Derivatives Markets
  • Commodities Trading vis-à-vis Trading in Other Financial Assets
  • Commodity Markets Ecosystem
  • Factors Impacting the Commodity Prices
  • Commodity Options and Index Futures

2)    Commodity Indices

  • What is an Index?
  • Commodity Index
  • Index Construction and its Constituents
  • Trading in Index Futures
  • Uses of Index Futures
  • Trading in Index Options

3)    Commodity Futures

  • Introduction to Futures
  • Distinction between Forwards and Futures
  • Cost-of-Carry
  • Convergence of Spot and Futures Prices
  • Fair Value of a Futures Contract
  • Convenience Yield
  • Commodity Futures and Commodity Forwards
  • Pay-off profile for Futures Contracts
  • Tick Size and its impact
  • Spot Price Polling and Final Settlement Price of Futures

4)    Commodity Options

  • Introduction to Options
  • Option Terminology
  • Pay off Profiles of Options Contracts
  • Determinants of Option Premium
  • Options on Commodity Futures
  • Options on Goods

5)    Uses of Commodity Derivatives

  • Hedging (Price Risk Management Strategies)
  • Long Hedge and Short Hedge Strategies Using Futures
  • Speculation
  • Arbitrage
  • Spread Trading
  • Basis
  • Option Trading Strategies
  • Uses of Index Futures
  • Hedging Strategies Disclosure Norms

6)    Trading Mechanism

  • Membership on Exchanges Having Commodity Derivatives Segment
  • Trading System in the Exchanges
  • Selection Criteria of Commodities for Trading on Derivatives Exchanges
  • Contract Specifications for Commodity Derivatives Contracts
  • Order Types and Conditions
  • Tracking Commodity Futures and Options prices
  • Trading Costs to Participants in Commodity Derivatives
  • Participants in Commodity Derivatives
  • Disclosures by Exchanges

7)    Clearing, Settlement and Risk Management

  • Clearing Corporation
  • Clearing and Settlement
  • Delivery Process
  • Entities Involved in the Clearing and Settlement Process
  • Premium/Discount
  • Penalty for Seller’s Delivery Default and Buyer’s Default
  • Deliveries in the Case of Physical Delivery
  • Risk Management for Exchange Traded Commodity Derivatives
  • Position Limits and Computation of Open Position
  • Salient Features of Risk Containment Measures
  • Margining Mechanism
  • Additional Procedures for Other Commodity Products
  • Raising of Bill for Delivery

8)    Legal and Regulatory Environment

  • Regulatory Structure of Commodities Market
  • Securities Contracts (Regulation) Act, 1956
  • Securities and Exchange Board of India Act, 1992
  • Other Regulatory Norms to Encourage Commodity Derivatives

9)    Accounting and Taxation

  • Important Accounting Aspects Related to Trading in Commodity Derivatives
  • Guidance Note Issued by ICAI on Accounting Treatment of Derivative Transactions
  • Accounting of Options Contracts
  • Important Tax Aspects Related to Trading in Commodity Derivatives

10)    Code of Conduct and Investor Protection Measures

  • SEBI’s Code of Conduct for Brokers
  • Risk Disclosure to Client and KYC
  • Investors Grievance Redressal Mechanism
  • Rights and Obligations of Members and Clients
  • Additional Do’s and Don’ts for Clients / Investors in Commodity Derivatives

Jobs and Career Opportunity After Completing Course

After completing this course you will get many job and career opportunities easily in the computer and IT field like e-commerce, government organizations, and security companies. You can start your early earnings with this course because there is no education criteria for this course and every business needs that kind of skilled employee. This course will also allow you to do work from home. After learning this course you can set up your own business.

Job profile

After completing this course

Average salary

( 1+ year experience)

Self trader 30k-40k
Algo trader 20k-25k
sub broker 25k-30k
Equity Dealer 20k-25k

Features & Facilities

Student Reviews

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Google Review 

I am a student of IFDA Institute Kalkaji and I am learning ADCA course. I am learning various modules in my course.My experience is very good here. IFDA provides practical as well as theory classes of every concept. Even the smart classes are provided for practical section through which it becomes very easy to understand.

ifda student review
Google Review 

Hey ,there I am a student in IFDA Institute and my course is a ADCA. I am having a great time doing this Course and the best institute. Literally, here the teachers are very good and helpful to the students.

ifda student review
Google Review 

I study at IFDA Institute. I am an ADCA Course student. I understand everything in my class. It's very easy to understand everything. Every query or question are solved. Very helpful and supportive staff. My experience is good so far with ifda. I suggest everyone to join this institute❤

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Frequently Asked Questions

It will be both in offline and online mode.

You will attend revision classes for the same topic on the same day or next day.

yes our courses have trading plans which is useful for those who are doing trading and want to restart trading to recover losses and become profitable.

It is a market where you trade in instruments like shares and it has many components like equity and derivatives, commodity and currency.

In this industry, if you are having minimum 2 certificates of NSE then you are readily taken by the industry. You not only get a stable, payable, office seating job but on top of it, you also earn incentives too. You can become dealer investment advisory, relationship manager. You are also readily imbibed in risk and compliance terms.

NSE certificates are the license to work in stock market financial markets and banks. The corporate and banks get ID’s only if they have authorized NSE certificate person and it is mandatory by govt of india ( SEBI- RBI)

Oh yes, definitely you can open your own business by taking franchisee of any broker, but for this NSE qualification is the most. You can also upgrade to research modules and give tips and advisory to your clients.

You can start your own trading and manage your own portfolio in this market, you can become a broker or sub-broker and do business, or you can open you research advisory company and give research tips to your clients.

Yes surely. You can definitely get it customized.

Yes, we have batches for working professionals on weekend and in evenings on weekdays.

we are not involved in such practice and we advice you to not expect this from us, you do not have to depend on others learn with us and become independent to make your financial decisions.

The trainer has 6 years plus experience in stock market trading. He has adopted a practical approach with his own strategies and plans.

Yes ofcourse but It’s risky for those who trade without any proper training and knowledge.

Our trainer can use English and hindi languages.

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