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Advance Excel Course

To analyse and manage the data more quickly.


Advance Excel Course

Become an idealist in Advance Excel skills


Advance Excel Course

As in modernization, every organization works on databases to analyze and visualize the things in the organization. Excel includes a large number of cells to format and manipulate the data and solve mathematical functions. You can organize the data in the spreadsheet using formulas, pivot tables, and graphic tools to present data. Excel helps to sort the data speedily and accurately with a comprehensive set of tools, using logical and look-up excel functions to transform, link, and analyze the data.

Course Highlights


Advance formulas


Data Management skills


Vlookup and Hlookup


Advance conditional formatting


Pivot table and reporting


3 Course Modules


90 hours of training


10+ Assignments


Take a look at how IFDA helps you to have a great career by delivering the best content and practice.

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Learning Outcome

You’ll be able to bring the important data from a bulk amount of data.
You’ll be able to organize the data better by using excel functions, creative visualization, and impressive automation feature.
You’ll be able to do work easily and effectively.
You’ll be able to rearrange and reformate the data.

Software that you will learn in this course

Course Content


  1. Worksheet, Workbook & Workspace.
  2. Screen Elements of MS Excel
  3. Sheet, Row & Columns and Range
  4. Sheet Navigation and tab switching
  5. Working with Shortcuts
  6. Working with Basic Functions Sum, Average, Count, Max & Min etc.
  7. Alignment & Wrap text.
  8. Sorting & Filtering
  9. Running Macro
  10. Remove Duplicates
  11. Data validation
  12. Group Ungroup
  13. Trace Precedents
  14. About Cell, Name Box, Formula Bar
  15. About Cell Referencing
  16. Type of Referencing: Absolute, Relative & Mixed.
  17. About Formulas & Functions
  18. About Operators and Their Uses
  19. Working with Formulas and Functions
  20. Home Tab
  21. Paste Special & Format Painter
  22. Cell Formatting, Text Controls, Categories
  23. Advanced Conditional Formatting (With Formulas)
  24. Sorting & Filtering
  25. Flash Fill
  26. Fill Series and Justify
  27. Find, Replace & Goto Special
  28. Insert, View & Page Layout Tab
  29. Creating & Running Macros
  30. Charts, Pictures, SmartArt, Screenshot
  31. Insert links and Header & Footers
  32. Page Setup, Margins and Print Settings
  33. Print Area, Workbook views, Freeze Panes
  34. Scale to Fit, Sheet Options & Print Titles
  35. Creating & Running Macros
  36. Review Tab
  37. Insert Comments, Spelling & Grammar
  38. Protract Sheet & Workbook
  39. Share Workbook
  40. Track changes


  1. Mathematical Operations: Sum, Product, Power, Sqrt, Mod, Aggregate
  2. Conditional Sums: Sumif, Sumifs Advanced Mathematical Operations: Sumproduct, Su7nsq, Series sum.
  3. Other Operations: Round,Roundup, Round down
  4. Rand, Randbetween, Fact, Roman
  5. Data Lookup Functions: Vlookup, Hlookup,
  6. Lookup, Choose, Match, get pivot data. Logical Functions: And, Or, Not, If, Iferror, Ifna, True, False.
  7. Cell/Range: Address, Index, Index, Offset
  8. Other Hyperlink, Transpose, Formula text
  9. Day, Hour, Minute, Month, Networkdays, Now, Second, Today, Weekday, Year
  10. Networkday.intl, Weeknum, Days360, Edate, EOMonth
  11. Pmt, Ppmt, Ipmt, Pv, Fv, Rate
  12. Iserror, Iserr, Isna.Error.Type, Isref, Iseven, Isodd, Isnumber, N, Isblank. Row, Column, Rows, Columns, Areas.
  13. Max, Min, Count, Counta, Countblank, Countif, Countifs
  14. Average, Averageif, Mode.sngl
  15. Mode.mult, Frequency, Rank, Rank.eq
  16. Len, Left, Right, Mid, Lower, Upper, Proper, rept.
  17. Substitute, Trim, concatenate,value, find, Replace, Char, Code


  1. Advanced Conditional Formatting Using Functions
  2. Searching Technique with Goto Special
  3. Insert Slicer, Pivot Table & Chart
  4. Function Nesting to get result
  5. Lookup to Left with Index & Match
  6. Loan EMI Calculator in excel
  7. Financial Calculations
  8. Text filtering from String, First Middle Last Name
  9. Find & Remove Duplicate Entries
  10. Prefill with Zero
  11. Tax Calculator in Excel
  12. Nesting If+and+round functions
  13. Nesting Ifna+Vlookup
  14. Nesting concatenate+left+right
  15. Nesting If+Countif, if+isna+match
  16. Nesting Vlookup+index+match
  17. Sumproduct Various Uses
  19. Using wildcard Characters in functions
  20. Other Utilities

Jobs you’ll get after completing the course

Excel becomes an important tool and is always in demand by various organizations or institutions. People who specialize in using excel can work in MNC companies or either work as full-time employees or as a freelancer. Advance excel course opens up multiple career options that you can choose as your career path and get a higher handsome salary package, Below are some excel fields that you can choose for yourself after doing this course.

Job profile

After completing this course

Average salary

( 1+ year experience)

Data analyst 36k- 94k
MIS Executive 22k- 64k
Financial analyst 42k- 60k
Market research analyst 30k- 64k
Project managers and coordinators 38k- 117k
Metrics and analytics specialist 66k-120k

Features & Facilities

Student Reviews

ifda student review
The Rajan
Google Review 

Amazing institute... I am a student of IFDA and I am learning digital marketing and video editing in these days. My experience is good here I can understand easily what I am thought here. I suggest everyone who wants to make career should join IFDA.

ifda student review
Google Account
Google Review 

I'm Kunal Digital Marketing Student, I'm learning in the institute, My course going smoothly, and I'm satisfy with this institute

Reena Jha
Google Review 

From the day, when i take admission, I have learned digital marketing with great experience from IFDA. from the infrastructure to faculty all are superb and. mainly i got here practical based learning. i would like to highly recommend it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Based on our previous student reviews we know how this course help students build their career to the next level. Excel is a practical based course that helps students to get a hands-on tool to work on. Lots of companies hire professionals to work on their data and bring it important information, analyze, and interpret the data for them. There are a lot of career opportunities that you can look further after doing this course.

Yes, IFDA provides a certificate and we will assist you to get a job after completion of the Excel course.

This course is 3 months long only.

Yes, there is no doubt that this course is worth it for those who are working with numbers and data. This course will help people or students to work faster and analyze things in an effective manner.

There is a lot of scope in advanced excel you can create videos about excel and sell it on online platforms like Udemy or you can do freelancing and can be worked in.

Yes, we provide advanced excel course in Delhi, we have two branches in Delhi NCR, and you can get excel training from the Badarpur branch or kalkaji branch.
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