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Master in

Data Analyst and Visualization

Become a proficient data analyst and make data-driven
decisions in a variety of fields



Most Required Skills in Every Professional Field.

Start your early earning with this course


About Course

Clive Humby coined, “data is the new oil” stating its resourcefulness and the necessity to filter it. Hence data analytics is the most popular and lucrative field of today. To prepare you for it, the Data Analyst and Visualisation Course has been designed to equip you with the appropriate tools and skills that will help you use data analytics to gain valuable insights, drive growth, and make strategic choices.

Course Highlights


Advance Excel


Office 365


Dashboard Mastership


Power Query Mastery


Expertise in Excel VBA


Ms-Office with AI




Google Sheets Mastery


Google Looker Studio Mastery


Microsoft Power BI Mastery

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Learning Outcome

You will get a comprehensive understanding of various data analysis tools required for data visualization that will enable clarity of data analytics fundamentals and their role in various industries.
You will be skilled in using advanced Excel features in Office 365, such as XLOOKUP, XMATCH cell formatting, data filtering, page setup, Array function, etc.
You will be able to make data-driven decisions and present data effectively by creating interactive and visually appealing dashboards with the help of tools like Looker Studio, Power BI,etc.
You will learn to connect, import, and refine data from multiple sources, merge multiple sheets, and create pivot tables.
You will build a strong base in Excel VBA, that will train you to work with worksheets, and objects allowing you to automate tasks and improve spreadsheet functionality.
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You will learn to harness the power of AI in Microsoft Office, which will further amplify your productivity with artificial intelligence, automation, customized solutions, and better accuracy.
You will learn Python for Data Analytics by using NumPy's multi-dimensional arrays to pandas' DataFrames, delve into SciPy math, and harness sci-kit-learn for machine learning. Unlock data insights and predictive analytics in these comprehensive courses.
You will be skilled in Google Looker Studio, enabling you to connect with data sources, custom visualization, and data dashboards, enhancing your data analysis and reporting skills.
You will get to develop future-oriented skills with empowered creativity, adaptive learning, and AI tools making you a valuable asset in the workforce.
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Tools that you will learn in this course

Course Content

1)    Advance Excel Expert

    •     Introduction to MS Excel
    •     Fundamental Formulas
    •     Formatting Cell and workbook
    •     Filter Data
    •     Draw Symbols and Insert Pictures
    •     Text to Column
    •     Page setup
    •     Array Function
    •     Date Time Functions
    •     Conditional functions

2)    OFFICE 365

    •     Improved Productivity
    •     Improved Data Analysis
    •     XLOOKUP in Office 365
    •     XMATCH in Office 365
Making a Searchable Drop-Down List In Office 365
    •     Map Chart in Office 365
    •     Dynamic Conditional Formatting
Excel Sequence and Random Array Formula in Office 365
    •     Data Visualization

3)    Dashboard Creation

    •     Introduction to Data Dashboards
    •     Data Preparation
    •     Fundamentals of Data Visualization
    •     Advanced Dashboard Techniques
    •     Integration with other Tools
    •     Building Interactive Dashboards
    •     Best Implementations of Data Dashboard

4)    Power Query

    •     Introduction of Power Query in Excel
    •     Its features and uses
    •     Installation of Power Query
    •     Making a connection with an Excel Table
    •     Making a connection with the text file
    •     Make a connection with access Database
    •     Make a Pivot table on Text file data
    •     Merge Multiple Sheets
    •     Power Query - Refine Data
    •     Make a Pivot Table on Multiple Sheets


    •     Understand BA and Macro
    •     Variables & Data Types in VBA
    •     Important Features
    •     Working with IF, AND, OR, NestedIF
    •     Loops and Nested Loop in VBA
    •     Real Job Project for loops
    •     Error Handling
    •     Message and Input Box in VBA
    •     Working with worksheets in VBA
    •     Understand Object and Class

6)    Ms-Office with AI

    •     Intelligent Assistance
    •     Time-saving Automation
    •     Improved Communication
    •     Intelligent Data Analysis
    •     Customized Solutions
    •     Improved Productivity
    •     Improved Accuracy
    •     Adaptive Learning
    •     Empowered Creativity
    •     Future-oriented Skills

7)    Google Sheets

  • What is Google Sheets?
  • Its interface & features
  • Functioning with Data in Google sheet
  • Import and export Data with Google sheet
  • Sorting and Filtering data
  • Create Filter views and clean data in Google Sheet
  • Working with Lookup Function
  • Vlookup, Index & Match, Filter & Sort Function
  • Summarization Functions like SUM, COUNT, SUMIFS, COUNTIFS
  • IF and IFS functions
  • 8)    Google Looker Studio

    •    Connecting with Data Source
    •    Google Data Studio Interface
    •    Create Table Visualization
    •    Comparison Calculation in Google Data Studio
    •    Create Pivot Table Visualization
    •    Calculation in Google Data Studio
    •    Custom Visualization in Google Data Studio
    •    Creating and Sharing Dashboards
    •    Blended Data in Google Data Studio
    •    Improved Data Analysis Skills

    9)    Power Bi

        •     Data Visualization Skills
        •     Data Connectivity
        •     Interactive Visualizations
        •     Reports and Dashboards
        •     Business Intelligence Proficiency
        •     Data Analysis and Reporting
        •     Enhanced Data Exploration
        •     Collaboration and Participation
        •     Integration with Other Tools
        •     Career Opportunities
        •     Ongoing Education and Updates

    10)    Python

        •     Introduction To Languages
        •     Introduction To Python
        •     Python Softwares
        •     Python Language Fundamentals
        •     Different Modes Of Python
        •     Python Variables
        •     Operators
        •     Input & Output Operators
        •     Control Statements
        •     Data Types And Structures In Python
        •     List Collection
        •     Tuple Collection
        •     Set Collection
        •     Dictionary Collection
        •     Functions

    11)    SQL

        •     Introduction To SQL
        •     SQL Syntax
        •     SQL Database
        •     Run Query
        •     Connect SQL Data With Dashboard

    12)    Tableau

  • Intro to Tableau Tool
  • Data Pane Window
  • Groups, Sets, Parameters
  • Filters in Tableau
  • Calculated Fields
  • Data Blending and Joins
  • Charts in Tableau
  • Reference Lines, Bands, DistributionsLODs, Intro to Dashboard, Story
  • LODs, Intro to Dashboard, Story
  • Creating a Dashboard
  • Creating an Advanced Dashboard
  • Tableau Public Server
  • 13)    R Programming

        •     Introduction to R Programming
        •     Variable types and data structures in base R
        •     Getting data into the R environment
        •     Data frame manipulation.
        •     Handling dates in R
        •     Exploratory Data Analysis (Descriptive Statistics).
        •     Working with text data.
        •     Control flow & functions.
        •     Graphics in R Overview.
        •     Advanced R graphics.
        •     Inferential Statistics.
        •     General Linear Regression Models in R.

    Jobs and Career Opportunity After Completing Course

    After completing this course you will get many job and career opportunities easily in the computer and IT field like e-commerce, government organizations, and security companies. You can start your early earnings with this course because there is no education criteria for this course and every business needs that kind of skilled employee. This course will also allow you to do work from home. After learning this course you can set up your own business.

    Job profile

    After completing this course

    Average salary

    ( 1+ year experience)

    Business Analyst 3L-5L
    Data Analyst 1.5L- 4L
    Data Engineer 3L- 10L
    Data Scientist 4L- 15L
    Data Architect 14L- 25L
    Database Administrator 3L- 9L

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    Google Review 

    I am a student of IFDA Institute Kalkaji and I am learning ADCA course. I am learning various modules in my course.My experience is very good here. IFDA provides practical as well as theory classes of every concept. Even the smart classes are provided for practical section through which it becomes very easy to understand.

    ifda student review
    Google Review 

    Hey ,there I am a student in IFDA Institute and my course is a ADCA. I am having a great time doing this Course and the best institute. Literally, here the teachers are very good and helpful to the students.

    ifda student review
    Google Review 

    I study at IFDA Institute. I am an ADCA Course student. I understand everything in my class. It's very easy to understand everything. Every query or question are solved. Very helpful and supportive staff. My experience is good so far with ifda. I suggest everyone to join this institute❤

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Students who have completed their 12th standard can easily enroll in this course. Students with a base in science and programming could leverage better advantage of the course.

    The course will be 6 months long, with each class being one hour every day.

    Yes, the course has been designed to first introduce the students to the programming language and then move further to the concepts of data visualization and analysis.

    We provide 100% placement assistance to the students who maintain a good track record throughout the duration of the course.
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