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A-Level ( MDSE )

To become an expert in Artificial Intelligence,

Machine Learning and much more.


About Courses

A level is an advanced level of NIELIT IT professional course after O level and it is similar to the advanced computer application course which is recognized by the government. Students who want to pursue this course must have done an O level course before it. This course provides necessary IT knowledge and skill to the students and opens up a lot of career opportunities ahead.

Course Highlights


Website Development


Data Structure Management


System Analysis And Testing




18 Course Module


5+ Assignment


720 Hours of Training


1 Year Free Backup Classes


Take a look at how IFDA helps you to have a great career by delivering the best content and practice.

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Learning Outcome

Able to develop dynamic and interactive websites.
Able to manage website data in the database.
Conducting testing and improving the website design to create the best possible user experience.
Integrating client CMS programs and data feeds into websites
You will be able to use machine learning to stand in defense against illegal acts like money laundering.
You will be able to collect data sets and handle missing values under Data PreProcessing.
You will be able to Manage Iot Database

Software that you will learn in this course

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Course Content

1)   IT Tools And Network Basics

    •     Introduction to Computer, Introduction to Operating System
    •     Word Processing
    •     Spreadsheet
    •     Presentation
    •     Introduction to Internet and WWW, E-mail, Social Networking and e-Governance Services
    •     Digital Financial Tools and Applications, Overview of Future Skills & Cyber Security

2)   Web Designing And Publishing

    •     Introduction to Web Design and Editors, HTML Basics
    •     Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
    •     CSS Framework
    •     JavaScript and Angular Js
    •     Photo Editor, Web Publishing and Browsing

3)    Programming & Problem Solving Through Python

    •     Introduction to Programming, Algorithm and Flowcharts to solve problems
    •     Introduction to Python, Operators, Expressions and Python Statements, Sequence data types
    •     Functions, File Processing, Modules
    •     NumPy Basics

4)    Internet Of Things And Its Applications

    •     Introduction to loT - Applications/Devices, Protocols and Communication Model
    •     Things and Connections
    •     Sensors, Actuators and Micro controllers
    •     Building loT Applications
    •     Security and Future of IoT Ecosystem
    •     Soft skills-Personality Development

5)    Data Structure Through Object Oriented Programming Lang.

    •     Analysis of Algorithm
    •     Basics of C++, Elementary Data
    •     Structures Arrays, linked lists
    •     Abstract Data types Stacks and
    •     Queues
    •     Trees
    •     Searching, sorting and
    •     Complexity
    •     Graphs

6)    Computer Organization & Operating System

    •     Basic Structure of Computers
    •     Computer Arithmetic Operations
    •     Central Processing Unit and Instructions
    •     Memory Organization
    •     I/O Organization
    •     Operating Systems Overview
    •     Linux Basics
    •     Process Management and Shell Script
    •     Users, Groups and Permissions
    •     Standard I/O and Pipes
    •     Finding and processing files

7)    Database Technologies

    •     An Overview of the Database Management System
    •     Architecture of Database System
    •     Relational Database Management System(RDBMS)
    •     Database Design & Maria DB
    •     Manipulating Data with MariaDB
    •     NoSQL Database Technologies
    •     Selecting Right Database

8)    Systems Analysis, Design And Testing

    •     Introduction
    •     Requirement Gathering and Feasibility Analysis
    •     Structured Analysis
    •     Structured Design
    •     Object-Oriented Modelling Using UML
    •     Testing, System Implementation and Maintenance, Other Software Development Approaches

9)    Big Data Analytics Using Hadoop

    •     Analyzing and Defining Business Requirement and Introduction to Operating System (Ubuntu)
    •     Java Programming
    •     Hadoop Framework and Map Reduce Programming Techniques
    •     Analysing Data using HIVE, R, RHIVE, HIVE-JDBC
    •     Introduction to HBASE, PIG and JAQL

10)    Data Science Using Python

    •     Python Language, Structures, Programming Constructs
    •     Data Science Concepts
    •     Numpy
    •     Pandas
    •     Statistical Concepts and Functions
    •     Matplotlib
    •     GUI-Tkinter
    •     Machine Learning - The Next Step

11)    Web Application Using Php

    •     Introduction to the Website Development and Introduction to Linux Operating System
    •     Review of designing of Web pages
    •     Review of Client Side Validations using various techniques
    •     Server side programming language PHP
    •     Database connectivity with PHP and MySQL
    •     Web Services & security vulnerabilities

12)    Full Stack Web Development Using Mvc

    •     MVC Infrastructure Basics, PHP Frameworks & Introduction to CakePHP
    •     Models
    •     Controller and Views
    •     PHP Basics and Conditional Logic
    •     Functions and Error Handling
    •     Object Oriented Programming
    •     MySQL Installation and Basics
    •     Advance Queries and Data Manipulation using PHP and MySQL
    •     Creating Dynamic Forms using CakePHP Html Helpers

13)    Network Management

    •     Introduction to Computer Networks
    •     Introduction: Network layers/Models
    •     Physical Layer
    •     Data Link
    •     Network Layer
    •     Transport Layer
    •     Congestion control
    •     Application Layer
    •     Networking Devices
    •     Fundamentals of Mobile Communication

14)    Information Security Management

    •     Network Fundamentals
    •     Introduction to Cyber Security and Attacks
    •     Cryptography
    •     Data Link
    •     Network Security and countermeasures
    •     Web Server and Application Security
    •     Security Auditing
    •     Cyber Law and IT Act 2000
    •     Cyber Forensics

15)    IOT: A Practical Approach

    •     Hardware platform for Prototyping loT applications
    •     Sensors, Actuators and itsn interfacing
    •     loT Networking & Protocols
    •     Webserver basics for loT
    •     The loT database management & Cloud connectivity
    •     Security for next Generation loT, Ilot

16)    Internet Of Things Using Raspberry Pi

    •     Introduction to Single Board
    •     Computer - Raspberry Pi
    •     Configuring and Managing Raspberry Pi
    •     Linux Operating System Basics
    •     Hardware interfacing - GPIO programming
    •     Raspberry Pi based loT application use-cases

17)    AI Concepts And R Programming

    •     Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
    •     Applciations of Al
    •     Data Preparation and Machine Learning Basics
    •     R Programming & Statistical Data Analysis


    •     Advanced Python
    •     Machine Learning
    •     Deep Learning
    •     Computer Vision
    •     Natural Language Processing

Jobs You will Get After Completing Course

After completing the A level course you can explore your career opportunities in the IT sector, Some of the big companies that hire IT professionals such as, Tata Consultancy services, accenture, HCL infosys, Wipro technologies etc.

Job profile

After completing this course

Average salary

( 1+ year experience)

Freelancer (For self-employed) 33k- 35k
Full Stack Developer 40k-50k
Data Scientist/Analyst 55k-70k
IoT Architect 30k- 80k
IoT Developer 13k- 25k
Business Intelligence Analyst 40k- 50k
Information Security Analyst 30k- 45k
Training Faculty 26k- 35k

Features & Facilities

Student Reviews

Dolly Bairwa
Google Review 

My name is sarita,I'm student of IFDA institute. IFDA is the best computer training institute. Overall I love all the classes I have taken through IFDA institute,all the instructiors are kind and petient.They are very experienced in the program they are teaching.I have recommended this site to my school and friends. IFDA provides both practical and theoretical classes. Had a great experience here.☺️

ifda student review
Chy. Nisha
Google Review 

I have a great experience in IFDA. The trainers are very supportive and explain every topic in detail. This Institute also provide backup classes on Saturday. I would like to suggest to join IFDA Institute to my friends and relatives. Thank u

ifda student review
Simran Simran
Google Review 

I consider it very helpful because when when I first got into IFDA institute, it was very friendly and my knowledge in technology has gotten just not better but best. All the faculty here are very polite and ready to help whenever asked. Getting in this institute was my best decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

A level is recognised and accepted worldwide, and you can enroll in any university which you desire to be in. Also, you can apply for the state and central government jobs by giving written and practical examinations.

There are a lot of IT professionals in sectors or career who still strictly demand A-level knowledge and need a professional in it to handle all the IT work or issues.

Nothing is too hard, if you learn, practice and explore yourself in this course you will easily acquire what you want from this course or clear the government examinations as well.

Yes we provide weekly classes or you can schedule your class according to your suitable time. We also provide online and backup classes so you can attend your missed or pending lectures

IFDA has emerged as the most encouraging & favorable institute in Delhi which is an ISO certified computer training institute ,started in the year of 2014. We provide various Govt. and Non Govt. Courses to all the desired students.

We provide internship and 100% job assistance to those students who are hard working and well-mannered till the course is completed. We conduct interviews with our recruiters for you to get hired that help you to gain professionalism in this field.

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