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To create the database of a website


About Courses

The Back-End Development course will help you to work on developing databases for the web using backend languages. This course not only focuses on aesthetics but also maximises the responsiveness, efficiency, and accessibility of a website. You’ll learn to develop databases for websites and you can explore more in the Web Development sector.

Course Highlights






Website Integration


Advance PHP


180 hours Training


4 Course Modules


Trending Framework Tools


1 Year Free Backup Classes

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Learning Outcome

Able to Incorporate and examine information, process, and codes to investigate issues and recognize regions for development.
Able to work with front-end engineers and colleagues to build up to goals and plan more functional, strong codes to improve the client experience.
Able to Observe industry advancements and patterns creates thoughts for new projects, items, or features.
Able to record information and detail it to legitimate parties, like customers or authorities.
Able to take an interest in proceeding with education and preparing to stay current on best coding practices, learn new programming languages, and help other colleagues.
Able to take the lead on projects, depending on the situation.

Language and tools that you will learn in this course

Back-End Development Course Content

1)   SQL

  • Introduction to SQL
  • Database Normalization and Entity Relationship Model
  • SQL Operators
  • Working with SQL: Join, Tables, and Variables
  • Deep Dive into SQL Functions
  • Working with Subqueries
  • SQL Views, Functions, and Stored Procedures
  • Deep Dive into User-defined Functions
  • SQL Optimization and Performance
  • Advanced Topics
  • Managing Database Concurrency
  • Practice Session

2)   AJAX

  • Introduction to AJAX
  • Advantages of AJAX and its limitations
  • Samples working with AJAX
  • Different data formats used in AJAX (string, XML, JSON, etc.)
  • XML and JSON difference
  • Cross-domain interactions using JSONP
  • Jquery Promises
  • Handling Multiple AJAX Calls using Jquery Promises.

3)   Core PHP

  • Introduction to PHP
  • PHP Language Basics
  • HTTP Protocols in PHP
  • Basic Syntax in PHP
  • Variables in PHP
  • Expressions and Operators in PHP
  • Superglobal Variables in PHP
  • Conditional Statements in PHP
  • Functions in PHP
  • Array
  • String, Loops
  • Session and Cookies in PHP
  • Header Function
  • Include and Require
  • Error Handling
  • File System Basics

4)   Advance PHP

  • File Handling
  • File Uploading
  • File Open/Read and Create/Write
  • PHP Cookies and application
  • Starting and destroying PHP Session variables
  • Creating Login functionality
  • Storing data in JSON format
  • Retrieving data
  • Introduction to Object-oriented Programming in PHP
  • Advantages of Object-oriented PHP over core PHP
  • A brief introduction to classes/objects
  • Constructor and Destructor
  • Inheritance
  • PHP Access Modifiers
  • PHP Abstract classes
  • PHP Methods

Jobs You will Get After Completing Course

Bank-End Development is the most demanding career in this era as all companies and businesses have their websites and all of them need back-end developers for managing the database of their websites. The Opportunity in this course is very high after COVID as most businesses shift from offline to online. If you choose a back-end development course then you will get a high paid salary.

Job profile

After completing this course

Average salary

( 1+ year experience)

Senior Back-End Developer 25k-50k
Junior Back-End Developer 15k- 20k
Freelancer 35k- 45k
Database Admin 41k- 83k

Features & Facilities

Student Reviews

ifda student review
Dolly Bairwa
Google Review 

My name is sarita,I'm student of IFDA institute. IFDA is the best computer training institute. Overall I love all the classes I have taken through IFDA institute,all the instructiors are kind and petient.They are very experienced in the program they are teaching.I have recommended this site to my school and friends. IFDA provides both practical and theoretical classes. Had a great experience here.☺️

ifda student review
Chy. Nisha
Google Review 

I have a great experience in IFDA. The trainers are very supportive and explain every topic in detail. This Institute also provide backup classes on Saturday. I would like to suggest to join IFDA Institute to my friends and relatives. Thank u

ifda student review
Simran Simran
Google Review 

I consider it very helpful because when when I first got into IFDA institute, it was very friendly and my knowledge in technology has gotten just not better but best. All the faculty here are very polite and ready to help whenever asked. Getting in this institute was my best decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

The skills which are required to work as Back End Developer are Programming Languages, Communication Skills, Organising skills, Decision-making skills, Team Work.

Yes, working as a Back End Developer is a smart choice. The Back End Developer's salary is very high. You will get a desirable position with decent compensation and daily learning opportunities.

The Back-End Developer uses some languages like PHP, SQL, AJAX, etc.

IFDA has emerged as the most encouraging & favorable institute in Delhi which is an ISO-certified computer training institute, started in the year 2014. We provide various Govt. and Non-Govt. Courses to all the desired students.

Yes, we provide online classes. Online Classes is more convenient who may not be able to attend classes due to long distance or some other reasons. We are giving flexible batches so that they aren’t tied down to a fixed schedule. Students can get individual attention in the online session.

IFDA provides internship opportunities to eligible students so that they get in depth practical knowledge under the guidance of their faculty/trainer.

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