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MERN Stack Development

To build dynamic, scalable web applications
using MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, and Node.js


About Courses

The MERN stack development course will equip you with the knowledge of all the necessary technologies to successfully make full-stack web applications using MERN- MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, and Express.js. Learn to create dynamic and scalable web applications with our MERN stack development course.

Course Highlights


Web Applications and Pages


React.js library


Node.js and Express.js


Best Coding practices and performance optimization


10 Course Modules


180 hours of training


Trending Framework Tools


1 year of free backup classes

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Learning Outcome

You will learn to make interactive web pages and applications using MERN technologies.
You will be able to design a complete front-end architecture of the websites.
You’ll be able to manage the representation and design of the webpage with the application of CSS.
You will be able to manage, store, and retrieve the data using MongoDB, a NoSQL database.
You will master React.js including component creation, state management, routing, and integration with APIs.
You’ll learn Node.js to create dynamic web pages with server-side JavaScript development.
You will build expansive web applications using Express.js.
You will develop the ability to examine complicated problems to sort their effective solutions for web applications.
You will learn to optimize the web pages for maximum speed and scalability.
You’ll be able to debug, test, and troubleshoot by learning effective strategies for projects.

Language and tools that you will learn in this course

Language and tools that you will learn in this course

Course Content


1)   React JS

  1. React Setup and Intro
  2. React Basics
  3. React State
  4. React Events & Form
  5. More Forms
  6. Lists and Conditional Rendering
  7. More Conditional Rendering & Styles
  8. React Handling Side Effects
  9. Working with APIs (Functional Only)
  10. UseReducer Hook
  11. Context API
  12. Context API Advance topics
  13. Advanced React
  14. React Optimization
  15. Class-Based Components
  16. React Router

2)   Node JS

  1. Introduction to NodeJS
  2. Installation and Environment Setup
  3. REPL Terminal
  4. Digging into NODE
  5. Event Loop
  6. Web Module

3)   Express JS

  1. Exploring the Express module
  2. Setting up the express environment
  3. Creating an HTTP server using express
  4. Reading data from GET/POST requests
  5. File system
  6. Rest API
  7. Clustering
  8. WebService with DB interactions

4)   MongoDB

  1. MongoDB Tutorial
  2. No SQL Databases
  3. Advantages over RDBMS
  4. MongoDB Data Types
  5. Install MongoDB
  6. MongoDB Data Modeling
  7. MongoDB Operators
  8. Query & Projection Operator
  9. MongoDB Update Operator
  10. Aggregation Pipeline Stages
  11. MongoDB limit()
  12. MongoDB sort()
  13. Query Modifiers
  14. Database Commands
  15. Aggregation Commands
  16. Geospatial Command
  17. Query & Write Operation Commands
  18. Query Plan Cache Commands
  19. Authentication Commands
  20. User & Role Management Commands
  21. Replication Commands
  22. Sharding Commands
  23. Session Commands
  24. Create Database
  25. Drop Database
  26. Collection
  27. Create Collection
  28. Drop Collection
  29. CRUD: Insert, Update, Delete & Query Documents
  30. SQL to MongoDB Mapping
  31. MongoDB text search
  32. MongoDB Shell
  33. Shell Collection & Cursor Methods
  34. MongoDB Database Commands
  35. Query Plan Cache Methods
  36. User & Role Management Methods
  37. MongoDB Replication & Bulk Operation Methods
  38. Connection & Sharding Methods
  39. Cloud
  40. Stitch
  41. Atlas
  42. Cloud Manager
  43. Ops Manager
  44. Tools
  45. Compass & BI connector

5)   Project Development and Deployment Strategies

  1. Developing features
  2. Integrating APIs
  3. Implementing user authentication
  4. Project development
  5. Testing
  6. Debugging
  7. Deployment and Hosting
  8. Introduction to CI & CD pipelines
  9. Deploying React applications using hosting services
  10. Deploying Node.js applications with server configurations

Jobs you will get after completing course


Web development is a flourishing industry in India and worldwide. The MERN stack development course would prepare you to develop a complete website, making you a popular professional with high demand in corporate, and other industries as well.

Job profile

After completing this course

Average salary

( 1+ year experience)

Full-stack developer 50k-100k
Front-end developer 25k-50k
Back-end developer 35k-75k
Javascript developer 40k-100k
Web application developer 70k-120k
User Interface(UI) Designer 70k-120k
Freelancer 25k-100k

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Student Reviews

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Google Review 

Ifda institute best for I.T genuis and web development. That institute staff are highly qualified and atleast 5 years experienced teachers teaching you.Best institute for that course and that location.

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Jyoti Sharma
Google Review 

Hii I am Jyoti of the student of ifda my course is IT - genius. This institute is giving me a opportunity to do well in computer . And the teachers of the institute teach very well at all.

ifda student riview
Google Review 

IFDA institute is the best institute for IT Training. It not only provides computer knowledge but also offers internship to its students for corporate exposure and Placement Assurance as well. Thank you IFDA for such a great😊😘

Frequently Asked Questions

The student must have a basic command of Javascript, HTML, and CSS to pursue this course.

The course duration could vary from six to eight months depending on the grasping power, understanding power, and individual capacity of the student.

We have regular backup/ doubt classes on Saturdays of every week.

We give 100% placement assistance to all our students with promising performance throughout the course.

Yes, the MERN stack development course is good for making large-scale applications however it is necessary to ensure proper planning for complete design.

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