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Diploma in Computer

Applications & Programming

To become expert in Web Development and Accounting

Diploma in Computer

Applications & Programming

C++ is a programming language which is an

extention of the C programming language.


About Courses

DCAP stands for Diploma in Computer Application & Programing. It is designed for the aspiring minds to arm themselves with important fundamental concepts and knowledge of computer application and programming along with insight in Banking and Taxation. This course develops important skill sets that help you effectively and efficiently communicate your work and helps in your personality development. DCAP will make you expert in various fields such as accounting, web development, designing and many more.

Course Highlights


Designing Tools


Website Development


Handling Accounts


Audio visual training


10+ Assignment


5+ Live Projects


25 Modules


1 Year Free Backup Classes


Take a look at how IFDA helps you to have a great career by delivering the best content and practice.

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Learning Outcome

You will be able to create a variety of digital and printed materials like pamphlets, annual reports, catalogs, brochures, magazines, etc.
You will be able to solve the bugs in the backend of the website and take the backup of your database.
You will be able to update data on a database, or retrieve data from a database.
You can make your own website.
You will be able to add special effects to the webpage that adds interactivity to web pages.
You will be able to prepare MIS reports which include all the accounting statements and records such as income statements, balance sheets, profit, and loss statements and expense statements, etc.
You will be able to check and detect errors, omissions, and fraud in bank reconciliation statements.
You will be able to do GST registration, TDS compliances and filing of returns.
You’ll be able to communicate fluently in the English language and will be able to crack the interview without any hesitation.

Software that you will learn in this course

Course Content


  1. Introduction of Computer
  2. Evolution of the Computer
  3. Computer Generations
  4. Types of Computer
  5. Characteristics of Computers
  6. Classification of Computers
  7. Basic Applications of Computer
  8. Components of a Computer System
  9. Input Device / Output Devices
  10. Concept of Hardware & Software
  11. Computer Virus & Vaccines
  12. Anti-Virus / Network


  1. Introduction
  2. Different Versions of Windows 7
  3. Basic Elements of Opening Screen
  4. WordPad / Notepad
  5. MS-Paint / Calculator
  6. Internet


  1. MS-Word
  2. MS-Excel
  3. MS-Powerpoint
  4. MS-Access
  5. MS-Outlook


  1. Introduction to Photoshop
  2. Background Change
  3. Retouching on Image
  4. Working with brush
  5. Creation of pattern, brush & gradient
  6. Pen & Other Vector tools
  7. Types of Layers
  8. Alignments and Distributes
  9. Linking and grouping


  1. Page Setup
  2. Tool Box
  3. Numbering
  4. Pages panel
  5. Brochure
  6. Magazine Page
  7. Forms
  8. Payment Slips

6) HTML5

  1. Introduction to HTML
  2. Elements & Attributes
  3. Headings, Paragraphs, & Formatting
  4. Colors, Links, Images & Tables
  5. Lists, Blocks, Iframes & File Paths
  6. Head, Layout & Responsive
  7. Entities & Symbols
  8. Charset & Forms
  9. Input Types & Attributes

8) CSS

  1. Introduction to CSS
  2. Syntax, Selectors, Colors & Backgrounds
  3. Borders, Margins& Padding
  4. Height/Width & Outline
  5. Text, Fonts & Tables
  6. Links, Lists & Display
  7. Max-width
  8. Position & Overflow
  9. Float, Align & Opacity
  10. Navigation Bar & Dropdowns
  11. Image Gallery & Image Sprites
  12. Attribute Selectors
  13. Website Layout


  1. Introduction to JavaScript
  2. Syntax & Comments
  3. Variables & Bitwise Operators
  4. Arithmetic, Data Types, -Functions, Objects & Events
  5. Arrays Methods, Sort & Iteration & Strings
  6. Dates, Math, Random, Booleans & Comparisons
  7. Conditions & Switch
  8. For & While Loop

10) PHP

  1. Description
  2. Elements & Control Structure
  3. Array, File & String Handling
  4. Form Handling PHP Session, Cookie, Send OTP & Email

11) SQL

  1. Intro to SQL & Select Distinct
  2. Where, And, Or, Not, Order By
  3. Insert Into & Null Values
  4. Delete, Min and Max
  5. Count, Avg, Sum & Wildcards
  6. In Between, Joins, Union & Group By & Exists

13) Fundamentals of Accounting

  1. Accounting Terms Accounting Concepts and Principles
  2. Double Entry System of Accounting
  3. Types of Accounts
  4. Golden Rules of Accounting etc.
  5. Journalizing and Posting of Transactions

14) Maintaining Chart of Accounts in Tally Prime

  1. Getting Started with Tally Prime
  2. Company Creation/Shut Select/Alter etc..
  3. Company Features and Configuration Chart of Accounts Ledger Group etc.

15) Inventory Management

  1. Fundamentals of Inventory Management
  2. Terms Used in Inventory Management
  3. Inventory Valuation Inventory Management in Tally Prime
  4. Recording Day to Day Transactions
  5. Business Transaction
  6. Source Document or voucher

16) Banking

  1. Banking Payments
  2. Setting UP Banking Features Cheque Management Cheque Printing
  3. Bank Reconciliation Cash and Bank Deposit Slip
  4. Handing e-Payments in Tally Prime
  5. Practice Exercise Tracking of Expenses and Incomes
  6. Cost Centre and Cost Categories

17) MIS Reports

  1. MIS Reports in Tally Prime Trial Balance
  2. Balance Sheet
  3. Profit and Loss Account
  4. Cash Flow Statement
  5. Funds Flow & Statement
  6. Ratio Analysis & Books and
  7. Accounting Reports

18) Manufacturing Process

  1. Activating of Bill of Materials Stock Journal Register Transfer Analysis Cost Estimation etc.

19) Management of Purchase and Sales order

  1. Purchase and Sales Order Processing
  2. Creation of Price List

20) Getting Started with GST

  1. Introduction What is GST? Registration
  2. Supply of Goods and Services Place of Supply
  3. Time of Supply Value of Supply Invoicing
  4. Input Credit Mechanism E-way Bills Returns Payment of Tax Consequences of Non-Compliance
  5. Accounts and Other Records Tax Rate Structure
  6. Refund of Tax
  7. Transition to GST
  8. Input Service Distributor (ISD)
  9. Work Non Resident Tax Payer
  10. E-Commerce GSTN and GSP
  11. Audit
  12. Demands and Recovery
  13. Appeals and Revision


  1. Group discussion & Public speech
  2. Use gestures


  1. Manners & Etiquettes
  2. Building confidence
  3. Developing personality skills > Dress code & color pattern
  4. English Grammar
  5. Soft Skills
  6. Presentation
  7. Communication skills


  1. Resume writing
  2. Job Interview Question & Answers
  3. Mock sessions

Jobs You will Get After Completing Course

The world is being partially run by applications & programming either from our phones or our computer systems. Overall employment in the IT sector is projected to grow approx 15% in the near future which is higher than other sectors. That’s why demand for the professionals in this field is increasing day-by-day so, learning this course will not only offer you various job opportunities but develop your ability to increase your earning potential.

Job profile

After completing this course

Average salary

( 1+ year experience)

Computer Operator 25k- 40k
Graphic Designer 25k- 35k
Web Designer 25k- 35k
Accountant 25k- 40k
Software Developer 20k- 40k
Web Developer 25k- 63k
Translator 16k- 35k

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Student Reviews

ifda student review
Alok Rai
Google Review 

Hello friends my name is Alok kumar. I am a student of DCAP at IFDA Institute.There are so many courses of computer and also have Skills, Personality development and English speaking Classes. All the teachers are experienced and easily solve all the questions. I am so happy to join IFDA institute and I suggest to all my dear friends to join IFDA institute who are wanting to do any course in computer.......

ifda student review
Sumit kumar Rai
Google Review 

I am student at IFDA INSTITUTE kalkaji. I am pursuing a course called DCAP. Its a 18 months course. Very good experience as a student and very friendly teachers.

ifda student review
Dolly Bairwa
Google Review 

My name is sarita,I'm student of IFDA institute. IFDA is the best computer training institute. Overall I love all the classes I have taken through IFDA institute,all the instructiors are kind and petient.They are very experienced in the program they are teaching.I have recommended this site to my school and friends. IFDA provides both practical and theoretical classes. Had a great experience here.☺️

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide internship and 100% job assistance to those students who are hard working and well-mannered till the course completed. We conduct interviews with our recruiters for you to get hire that help you to gain professionalism in this field.

The benefits of doing this course leads to lucrative and global career prospects with high salary packages. This course is worth investing your time in as it develops specialization in Designing, Programming, Accounting and taxation field. Also, it gives you access to the creative, fast-paced world and allows you to apply these skills in different industries.

Students can pursue this course if they have completed class 10th from a recognised board and are eager to develop learning about computer softwares, accounting , designing and programming.

The DCAP course gives you the advanced knowledge of all the demanding fields (Programming, Computer Software, Designing, Accounting, Tally Prime and Banking). On the other hand, mostly courses only provide specialization in a particular field. In addition, you will groom your interview as well as communication skills by pursuing this course.

IFDA has emerged as the most encouraging & favorable institute in Delhi which is an ISO certified computer training institute ,started in the year of 2014. We provide various Govt. and Non Govt. Courses to all the desired students.

Yes we provide weekly classes or you can schedule your class according to your suitable time. We also provide online and backup classes so you can attend your missed or pending lectures.

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