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Front-End Development

Become a specialist in designing websites

with appeal and uniqueness


About Courses

Front-End Development course specially focuses on developing user interfaces for websites using the most advanced languages and frameworks. The Front-End Development Course not only focuses on aesthetics but also maximises responsiveness, efficiency, and accessibility of a website. In this front-end development course, you will learn to develop UI for websites and mobile apps which are scalable, performant, and flexible. By learning this course you can explore various career options in multiple sectors.

Course Highlights


Creating Web Pages


Designing Layout




Web Design


6 Course Modules


180 hours Training


Trending Framework Tools


1 Year Free Backup Classes

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Take a look at how IFDA helps you to have a great career by delivering the best content and practice.

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Learning Outcome

Able to determine the structure and design of web pages.
Able to ensure user experience determines design choices.
Able to develop features to enhance the user experience.
Able to strike a balance between functional and aesthetic design.
Able to ensure web design is optimised for smartphones.
Able to build reusable code for future use.
Able to optimise web pages for maximum speed and scalability.
Able to Utilise a variety of markup languages to write web pages.
Able to maintain brand consistency throughout the design.

Language and tools that you will learn in this course

Front-End Course Content


    •     Introduction to Photoshop
    •     Background Change
    •     Retouching on Image
    •     Working with brush
    •     Creation of pattern, brush & gradient
    •     Pen & Other Vector tools
    •     Types of Layers
    •     Alignments and Distributes
    •     Linking and grouping
    •     Tips and Tricks
    •     Saving web page
    •     Creating GIF’s & video
    •     Styles & Blending options
    •     Type & Selection
    •     Liquify & Vanishing point
    •     Working with 3d objects

2)   HTML5

    •     Introduction to HTML 5
    •     Editors
    •     Elements & Attributes
    •     Headings, Paragraphs, & Formatting
    •     Colors, Links, Images & Tables
    •     Lists, Blocks, Iframes & File Paths
    •     Head, Layout & Responsive
    •     Entities & Symbols
    •     Charset & Forms
    •     Input Types & Attributes

3)   CSS

    •     Introduction to CSS
    •     Syntax
    •     Selectors, Colors & Backgrounds
    •     Borders, Margins & Padding
    •     Height/Width & Outline
    •     Text, Fonts & Tables
    •     Links, Lists & Display
    •     Max-width
    •     Position & Overflow
    •     Float, Align & Opacity
    •     Navigation Bar & Dropdowns
    •     Image Gallery
    •     Image Sprites
    •     Attribute Selectors
    •     Website Layout


    •     Responsive navbars
    •     Margins
    •     Modals
    •     Dialogs
    •     Buttons
    •     Forms
    •     List groups
    •     Badges, pills
    •     Cards
    •     Tables
    •     Alerts
    •     Navigation options
    •     Links
    •     Media object
    •     Dropdown
    •     Pagination
    •     Process bar & Collapse
    •     Bootstrap Scaffolding
    •     Page Components
    •     Page Components Forms
    •     Extending Bootstrap With Custom Plugins


    •     Introduction to JavaScript
    •     Syntax & Comments
    •     Variables & Bitwise Operators
    •     Arithmetic, Data Types & Functions
    •     Objects & Events
    •     Arrays Methods, Sort & Iteration & Strings
    •     Dates & Math
    •     Random, Booleans & Comparisons
    •     Conditions & Switch
    •     For & While Loop
    •     Break & type conversion
    •     DOM & BOM


    •     Introduction to Jquery
    •     BASICS
    •     SELECTORS
    •     DOM Attributes
    •     CSS Methods
    •     Effects
    •     Syntax, Selectors, Events
    •     Effects (Hide/Show, Fade, Slide, Animate, stop(), Callback, Chaining)
    •     HTML (Get & Set, Add & Remove, CSS Classes, Dimensions)
    •     Traversing, Ancestors, Descendant, Siblings & Filtering
    •     Events (scroll, click & doubl click)

Jobs You will Get After Completing Course

Front End Development is the most demanding career in this era as all companies and businesses have their websites and all of them need front-end developers for designing websites. The Opportunity in this course is very high after COVID as most businesses shift from offline to online. If you choose a front-end development course then you will get a high paid salary.

Job profile

After completing this course

Average salary

( 1+ year experience)

Senior Front-End Developer 83k-112k
Junior Front-End Developer 25k-30k
Freelancer 35k-45k
Website Designer 20k-35k
UI/UX Designer 83k-112k

Features & Facilities

Student Reviews

ifda students reviews
Dolly Bairwa
Google Review 

My name is sarita,I'm student of IFDA institute. IFDA is the best computer training institute. Overall I love all the classes I have taken through IFDA institute,all the instructiors are kind and petient.They are very experienced in the program they are teaching.I have recommended this site to my school and friends. IFDA provides both practical and theoretical classes. Had a great experience here.☺️

ifda students reviews
Chy. Nisha
Google Review 

I have a great experience in IFDA. The trainers are very supportive and explain every topic in detail. This Institute also provide backup classes on Saturday. I would like to suggest to join IFDA Institute to my friends and relatives. Thank u

ifda students reviews
Simran Simran
Google Review 

I consider it very helpful because when when I first got into IFDA institute, it was very friendly and my knowledge in technology has gotten just not better but best. All the faculty here are very polite and ready to help whenever asked. Getting in this institute was my best decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

This course is available in online mode as well as offline mode. If you have a problem commuting or you live away from Delhi, you can choose the option for online classes.

The fee structure for the web development course is flexible to suit your income. The fee is reasonable for people of all economic backgrounds. We also provide scholarships to excellent students to aid them financially while they fulfill their education goals.

This course will definitely make you capable of creating your own website. The full-stack development module will teach you to create a complete website on your own.

This course will give a detailed understanding of front-end, back-end, full-stack development, and WordPress development. It will provide you with ample knowledge and practice to be a full-stack developer.

The primary work of a web designer is to create the outlook of the websites. The first view of any side, with its layout, structuring, and aesthetic is the job of a web designer.
Whereas the web developer responsible for transiting the designs into functional websites. They are the ones programming the websites.

This web development course is valid in different MNCs across the nation. You will be eligible for the job profiles of Senior Backend Developer, database admin, website designer, UI/UX designer, and many such roles.

Yes we provide job placement for those students who maintain excellent academic performance, with good class behavior are preferred during the placement. The criteria for placements is a track record of students throughout the course.

The course will give you a detailed understanding of programming languages such as HTML, Javascript, and CSS, Ajax, PHP and tools like Adobe Photoshop. These tools and technologies will ensure that you develop your overall web development skill.

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