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Brings you in new era of content creation.

Get Scholarship Upto 50%



to bring yourself in a new era of content creation.

Get Scholarship Upto 50%


About Courses

This course will teach you various techniques you can use to create 2D and 3D animations with after-effects right from the scratch. This course offers you the opportunity to create characters, motion graphics, and visual effects for video games, animated films, TV shows, and 3D & 2D models. The objective of this course is to provide specific skills in features like 3D modeling, texturing, raster graphics editing, sculpting, animating, rendering, motion graphics, and compositing.

Course Highlights




Motion Graphics


3D Modeling


Advanced editing


10+ Assignment


5+ Live Projects


8+ Modules


1 Year Free Backup Classes


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Learning Outcome

With Adobe After Effects, you can easily create various Motion Graphics and Visual Effects compositions.
You can create 2D & 3D characters and creatures like cartoons and anime.
You can use photographs of an actor’s movement to animate as a 2D & 3D character.
You will be able to apply your art to design and animate video games.
With its fun and creative features, you can create an animated advertisement to attract a larger audience.

Software that you will learn in this course

Course Content


    •     Exploring the UI of Maya
    •     Creating Primitive Objects
    •     Polygon Modeling
    •     NURBS Modeling
    •     Working with Booleans
    •     Products Modeling
    •     Interior & Exterior Modeling
    •     Environment Modeling
    •     Texturing
    •     Types of Lighting
    •     Understanding Shadows
    •     Working with Cameras
    •     Exploring the UI of Maya
    •     Creating Primitive Objects
    •     Polygon & NURBS Modeling
    •     Types of Materials
    •     Hypershade Window
    •     UV Texturing Mapping
    •     Exploring the Types of Lighting
    •     Creating Lighting Effects
    •     Understanding Mental Ray
    •     Working with Cameras
    •     Animation Methods
    •     Rigging &, Constraints
    •     Deformers
    •     Paint Effects Stroke
    •     Dynamics & Particle System
    •     nParticles, Fluids, nHair & nCloth
    •     Rendering Methods
    •     Rendering a Video

2)   Illustrator

    •     Drawing & Shape tool
    •     Vector based path
    •     Working with layer
    •     Alignment of shapes
    •     Fill and storoke
    •     CMYK vs RGB
    •     Working with swatches
    •     Fill, Pattern & Gradirent
    •     Offset path dialogue Box
    •     Grouping Paths
    •     Scale Tools and Rotate tool
    •     Drawing with pen tool
    •     Modifying a path
    •     Editing Spline Curves
    •     Formatting of Text
    •     Using Gradient Palette and Gradient Slider Bar
    •     Applying Clipping Masl
    •     Illustrator Brush Tool
    •     Brush Dialogue Box
    •     Illustrator Art Brushes
    •     Creating an Art Brushes
    •     Changing Text to an Art Brush
    •     Saving and Loading Graphic Styles
    •     Paint-Bucket Basic
    •     Symbol Creating and Editing
    •     3D Effects in Illustrator
    •     Extrude and Bevel effect & Resolve Effect
    •     Printing and Exporting


    •     Introduction to Photoshop
    •     Background Change
    •     Retouching on Image
    •     Working with brush
    •     Creation of pattern, brush & gradient
    •     Pen & Other Vector tools
    •     Types of Layers
    •     Types of Masking
    •     Manipulation Techniques
    •     Alignments and Distributes
    •     Linking and grouping
    •     File management
    •     Import / Export
    •     Action & Batch
    •     Image Adjustments with Levels and Curves
    •     Tips and Tricks
    •     Saving web page
    •     Creating GIF’s & video
    •     Variables & Print
    •     Styles & Blending options
    •     Type & Selection
    •     Liquify & Vanishing point
    •     Working with 3d objects


    •     Introduction to InDesign
    •     Creating Documents
    •     Managing and Text Formatting
    •     Master Page
    •     Paragraphs in InDesign
    •     Working with Objects
    •     Colors and Swatches
    •     Numbering
    •     Working with Tables


    •     Introduction to Animate
    •     2D Animation using Tween
    •     Movement of Cartoon
    •     Animation & Effects
    •     Animation on Text, Video & Sound in Animate
    •     Rendering to Video & GIF's

6)  Adobe Premier Pro

    •     Selecting up a project
    •     Importing Footage
    •     Organizing Media
    •     Essentials of video editing
    •     Multi-Camera Editing
    •     Adding video effects
    •     Color Correction and Grading
    •     Audio Editing
    •     Rendering

7)   Adobe After Effect

    •     Introduction to the interface
    •     Working with layers
    •     Workflow in After Effects
    •     Working with Mask
    •     Advanced Editing
    •     Applying Special Effects
    •     Keying, compositing, and Mattes
    •     Distorting Objects with Puppet Tool
    •     Enhancing Your Animation
    •     Making of time Based Effects
    •     Creating a Basic Animation
    •     Animation Text & Shape
    •     Simulation Lighting Changes in After Effects


    •     Introduction to 3Ds max
    •     Extended primitives
    •     Modifiers (Compound objects, Bend, Taper, Twist, Stretch, Skew, FFD, Extrude, shell, Lattice & etc.)
    •     Modeling
    •     Edit Poly Modeling
    •     Symmetry, Mirror etc.
    •     Lines and Nurbs
    •     Doors and Windows & AEC extended
    •     Railing and Trees & Stairs
    •     Texturing
    •     Diffuse and Bump Mapping
    •     ink and paint
    •     Environment and back ground images
    •     Material library/Architectural
    •     Materials
    •     Omni, Spot, Direct Lights
    •     Sky light and Light tracer rendering
    •     Light effects, IES Lights
    •     Ambient, Sun & Mesh Lights
    •     Free and Target Camera
    •     Camera Animation
    •     Physical Camera
    •     Particles and Dynamics
    •     Rendering

Jobs You will Get After Completing Course

Entertainment is one such field that never suffers because of recession. People are always up for a good cartoon show or animated film in theaters. Job prospects for the animation field are rising at a very fast pace thanks to the boom in the entertainment and gaming industry. A single animation film requires as many as 500 animators, which means huge employment opportunities. Animation has various demanding career options which serve both entertainment and education (e-learning) industries alike.

Job profile

After completing this course

Average salary

( 1+ year experience)

Graphic Designer 25k- 35k
Video Editor & 3D Animator 20k- 35k
Rigging Artist & Texture Artist 30k-40k
Image Editor 20k- 30k
Lightning Artist 30k- 40k
Key Frame Animator 30k- 40k
Special Effect Artist 25k-35k
Character Animator 15k- 25k

Features & Facilities

Student Reviews

Google Review 

IFDA institute is one of the best teaching institutes. Giving excellent training in technical skills like java,Manual testing, animation. One of the best places to learn software technologies and get placed in the IT industry. Faculties have a good knowledge to teach and make the learn easily. Thanks to IFDA.

Gloria John
Google Review 

This is best platform for all Animation course students.I am doing "Animation" course from "IFDA Institute".i got best technical skills from "IFDA Institute". Over all I love the all class..❤️❤️☺️ A good coach will make his player se what they can be rather than what they are❤️thanks to all IFDA Institute trainer ❤️

Abadh Roy
Google Review 

This is best platform for all Animation course students.I am doing "Animation" course from "IFDA Institute".i got best technical skills from "IFDA Institute". Over all I love the all class..❤️❤️☺️

Frequently Asked Questions

Students can pursue this course if they have completed class 10th from a recognized board and are eager to learn new skills.

We provide internship and 100% job assistance to those students who are hard-working and well-mannered till the course is completed. We conduct interviews with our recruiters for you to get hired which help you to gain professionalism in this field.

Animation is one of the fastest-growing career options in our country these days. The want for more and more skilled animators has increased job opportunities in this field. Over 12% of new jobs are added annually for the animators as Animation with time has got a good hold over movies, television, and advertising industries due to the excessive use of special effects.

You will develop artistic, designing, editing, and animating skills which help in the creation of animated graphics and much more.

Yes, we provide weekly classes or you can schedule your class according to your suitable time. We also provide online and backup classes so you can attend your missed or pending lectures.

IFDA has emerged as the most encouraging & favorable institute in Delhi which is an ISO-certified computer training institute, started in the year of 2014. We provide various Govt. and Non-Govt. Courses to all the desired students.

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