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About Course

AI in its nascent stages is a double-edged sword, having immense potential to revolutionize the world, but also having adverse effects. So it becomes important to regulate the advancement with the right methods and approaches. With this aim in mind, this course has been curated to cover a spectrum of topics and techniques to impart to students a deep understanding of the principles and algorithms behind this AI tool. The modules include hands-on training and live projects to ensure the holistic development of students.

Course Highlights


Detailed understanding of ChatGPT


Applications of ChatGPT


NPL technologies


Effective prompts for ChatGPT


Sensitization towards the limits of AI


Developing ethics


10 Course Modules


5 Assignments


20 Hourse Of Training


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Learning Outcome

You will learn to use natural language conversations effectively within ChatGPT
You'll learn the multiple applications of AI in fields of business, education, science and technology, and many others.
You'll be able to regularly evaluate the newly emerging natural language process technologies to gauge their effectiveness in enhancing the capabilities of ChatGPT.
You'll learn to interact with AI in ways to use it for forecasting, optimization, evaluation, risk management, ethical considerations, etc.
You'll learn to generate effective prompts to enable ChatGPT to perform various tasks.
You'll learn to understand the client's requirements and address key business needs using ChatGPT
You'll get to know the limitations of the tool allowing you to identify gaps and opportunities in the future.

Languages and tools that you will learn in this course

Language and tools that you will learn in this course

Course Content

1)   Introduction to Generative AI

    •    Definition and overview of generative AI
    •    Understanding the role of generative models in AI applications
    •    Overview of the applications and impact of generative AI in various fields

2)  Introduction to ChatGPT and OpenAI

    •    Overview of ChatGPT and its architecture
    •    Understanding the underlying technology and training methodology
    •    Exploring the capabilities and limitations of ChatGPT

3)   Unleashing the Power of ChatGPT

    •    Customizing ChatGPT for Specific Use Cases
    •    Advanced Language Input and Context Management
    •    Creative Writing and Storytelling with ChatGPT
    •    ChatGPT for Educational Purposes
    •    ChatGPT for Customer Support and Service
    •    Handling Biases and Ethical Concerns

4)   The Applications of ChatGPT

    •    Virtual Assistants and Customer Support
    •    Content Generation and Creative Writing
    •    Personal Productivity and Organization
    •    Language Learning and Practice
    •    Virtual Tutoring and Educational Support
    •    Interactive Gaming and Entertainment
    •    Data Analysis and Decision Support
    •    Social Chat and Companion Applications

5)   Human-AI Collaboration and the Future

    •    Understanding Human-AI Collaboration
    •    Enhancing Human Capabilities with AI
    •    Ethical Considerations in Human-AI Collaboration
    •    Human-Centered Design in AI Systems
    •    The Impact of AI on the Future of Work
    •    Collaborative AI in Healthcare
    •    The Future of Human-AI Collaboration

6)   Engaging with ChatGPT

  • Understanding ChatGPT's Capabilities and Limitations
  • Effective Prompting Techniques
  • Building Rapport and Conversational Flow
  • Refining Responses and Providing Feedback
  • Handling Ambiguity and Uncertainty
  • Ethical Considerations and Responsible Engagement
  • Exploring Different Use Cases and Applications
  • Engaging in Continuous Learning and Improvement

7)   Prompts for ChatGPT

  • Understanding the Role of Prompts in ChatGPT
  • Crafting Effective Prompts
  • Prompting Strategies for Desired Outputs
  • Contextual Prompts for Conversation Flow
  • Providing Instructional Prompts
  • Iterative Prompting for Refinement
  • Ethical Considerations in Prompting
  • Sharing and Collaborating on Prompts

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Student Reviews

ifda students review
The Rajan
Google Review 

Amazing institute... I am a student of IFDA and I am learning digital marketing and video editing in these days. My experience is good here I can understand easily what I am thought here. I suggest everyone who wants to make career should join IFDA.

ifda students review
Google Acc.
Google Review 

I'm Kunal Digital Marketing Student, I'm learning in the institute, My course going smoothly, and I'm satisfy with this institute

Reena Jha
Google Review 

From the day, when i take admission, I have learned digital marketing with great experience from IFDA. from the infrastructure to faculty all are superb and. mainly i got here practical based learning. i would like to highly recommend it.

Frequently Asked Questions


No. To pursue this course, you do not need a computer science history. All you need is basic cognition of artificial intelligence and the will to learn new skills.

This course is mainly focused on ChatGPT.

The fee structure for this course is flexible to suit your income. The fee is reasonable for people of all economic backgrounds. We also provide scholarships to excellent students to aid them financially while they fulfill their education goals.

Yes, We are offering both online and offline classes.

AI has raised several eyebrows concerning its ethical limitations. This course will ensure that you identify them and asses the gap in them for the future possibilities of improving them.

This course will provide you with the skills required in the future. To be a professional who is ready to take up the new emerging jobs, you should take up this course. If you are someone who is working already in the field of AI, it is a convenient way to upskill yourself.
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