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How to make a career in
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The world is on the internet today, be it your favorite brand of clothes, food items, or educational institute. Everything is quite literally a click away. We interact with these brands via web pages; regardless of the scale of their business. A large number of websites are on the internet, directly indicating the need of the creators and developers of these web portals. It is a full-blown career field that has begun after the coming of the internet and data. Even though the job profile of web designers and web developers has been here for quite some time. There is still a lot of confusion around the roles, skills, and opportunities available to them.

Some of the most asked questions about the subject have been :-

  • Why do businesses need websites at all?
  • What do web designers and web developers do? What are the skills required to be one?
  • What courses to pursue?
  • What jobs can one be eligible for after the courses?

This blog will try to answer some of these questions.

Why do businesses need websites at all?

Websites can prove to be a testimonial in influencing the sales, revenues, or just the trust you gain as a brand in the market. So much relies on websites hence a lot is dependent on the developers and designers of it. The websites or web pages used to interact with any online brand, business, or company are designed by the combined efforts of web designers and web developers.

The ever-growing number of websites is self-evident to substantiate the need for web developers and web designers. These careers are the most excitedly picked modern career choices made by youth and enthusiasts alike.

What do web designers and web developers do?

Web designers tend to focus more on how the webpage looks visually to the users, and what is the user experience while working on the websites. They make it visually appealing and functionally most favorable. Moreover, they ensure the layout of the webpage is easily navigable, and has user-friendly features.

Web developers, on the other hand, are responsible for programming the code for the website to operate. They typically use computer languages such as HTML, Javascript, CSS, etc to build a website.

Though becoming a web developer and web designer only seems like a cakewalk. There is a combination of skills required to work as one. This article will try to throw some light on such skills, opportunities, and earning prospects that the field has for you.

A good web designer and developer needs a combination of skills to achieve their desired position.
But what are those skills?

The skills required to be a professional web developer and web designer

Firstly, you need to be proficient in programming languages. Computer coding or programming languages range from, HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP, to Photoshop among others. It is not just the fundamental requirement but also the basic foundation of learning about web design and development. Computer languages are the foremost tools used by web designers and web developers to work their way through to make web pages functional.

SEO friendly :- no amount of emphasis would be enough to talk about search engine optimization. The internet works on phrases, words, and algorithms, or as we call them, the data collected by sites to enhance the user experience. Web developers especially need to be friendly with SEO as it is directly proportional to the footfall on your sites, further, influencing the revenue generated,

Flexibility :- Computer languages just like languages are always evolving. There is no one size fit for all. Real-life situations could be tricky and unpredictable, so it is advisable to be open to trying hands at different scopes to get the work done. One should be able to switch and adapt to deal with different issues as the need arises.

Creativity :- developers and designers are different facets of creators. Their creation does vary from the conventional definition of creating, however, it could be harmful to overlook the part played by creativity in these jobs. The individual pursuing these pursuits must have a genuine interest in the creation of web pages. Creativity is the key to making a unique portal that speaks the mind of its creator in utter clarity.

Problem-solving :- creating a website is not a done-for-once-and-forever task. You would have to always keep a track of how your site is functioning. Monitoring the webpage is an essential part of the job of creating it. Hence it is a prerequisite for you to have the patience to work with regularly occurring problems and solve them in the required time with the best possible solution.

Good communication skills(oral and written) :- your clients would usually come with a preconceived idea of how they would want their portals to look. Their ideas would be your rough sketch to work professionally on. And sometimes, you would be asked to bring your opinion as per their demand. Both situations would essentially need you to be able to communicate your desires in the easiest and clear language without having to compromise your vision for the site. In such conditions, to carry out effective communication, you should be excellent in your communication skills.

What jobs are there for people with web designing and web development skills?

To begin listing the job opportunities opened for you with the discussed skillset and certification, the major categories of jobs include full-end developer, back-end developer, full-stack developer, and others.

Full-end developer :- A full-end developer is responsible for visual and design-related elements of the portal. They should be able to monitor the interaction of the user with the websites, and the feedback that follows. They should also be able to guess the needs and behaviors of the users, as they are involved in creating the final picture the users will engage with. Also called client-end developers, they are the chains of connections between the idea propagated by the client and the final page used by the users.

Back-end developer :- The work done by the front-end developer is brought together at the hands of the back-end developer. Their mastery is coding. They are versatile in the programming language and have the choice of opting for different kinds of application development. The codes written by back-end developers are the forces behind the interactive and smooth functioning of websites. They write verified and structured codes.

Full-stack Developer :- are a complete package. They are versed in the operation of both front-end and back-end development. They have the edge over the others due to their dynamic productivity. They have the knowledge to build a website completely, and individually hence proving to be a great asset to the business.

Design and layout analyst :- they are responsible for designing and monitoring the format of the pages and other layout-related elements for both online and print editions.

Senior web analyst :- as a senior web analyst you will be expected to monitor pages, tackle the issues that arise along with reviewing and providing solutions or improvements on the web page immediately and effectively with the use of advanced technologies.

Web Marketing Analyst :- as the name suggests, a web marketing analyst monitors the web pages, analyzes the statistics and finds strategies for improving marketing campaigns, and keeps track of them.

One cannot deny the job availability along with the spectrum of payscale that this field offers. So let’s look at some numbers, shall we?

The starting average salary of a skilled web developer is ₹350,932 per annum as per pay scale. The years of experience, availability of certifications on a resume, and demography are the other factors affecting this number. However, the chances of it increasing are high. A web designer is estimated to earn ₹284,645 per annum as per pay scale. The number could fluctuate depending on whether you have experience, certifications, and the kind of setting you are to dwell in.

The career as a web designer and web developer is full of tops and turns like any other career. What makes it different is its omnipresent demand and the increasing scope it has in the advancing future. The companies need them to build their online stores, and monitor user experiences. So to be a front-end, back-end, or full-stack developer, you need to learn various coding languages, knowledge of search engine optimization, and a bunch of soft skills. All of them could be learned in one course at IFDA. It offers web designing and web development courses which will help in your holistic growth as a newly budding web developer and designer. The career options that are opened after learning about web design and development are plenty. The jobs are high paying and do not require you to have any prior knowledge or experience in the field. Though it is important to enjoy the process, it is equally important to be resilient and sincere about the taken-up responsibility. If you think you have the geniuses of creativity and aptitude of a coder, web designing and web development are for you. To start you with the best course about the subject, IFDA has an extensively structured course here.

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