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Top 5 skills you need to become a successful digital marketer

successfull digital marketer

NOW everything is online, businesses, interactions, retails, products etc, then how can marketing be offline. Digital marketing is one of the most growing sectors in today’s AI world. But it is much more than what people think it is. It is not just asking people to buy your product or services, it's also about building relationships with the customers in a way that customers trust you.

Learning these TOP 5 skills can help you become a better Digital Marketer
  1. Be the Spotlight : Soft Skills
  2. Be a Geek: Social Media
  3. Some Tech: SEO & SEM
  4. Here comes the creativity: Video marketing
  5. Ooo some brainy stuff: Data Analysis

Be the Spotlight : Soft Skills

Soft skills do the most of your job, a Good Digital marketer should possess skills which put them in the spotlight. These can include persuasion, influencing, email writing, strategic mindset etc.

Everyone has a unique personality. You should embrace yours to stay ahead in the industry. Industry is competitive and this is something that can actually give an edge over others. Now the question comes, How to improve soft skills?

Solutions can be very innovative. You can go for a professional course, something like we offer at IFDA which is actually designed to cater the needs of current industry requirements. I would personally recommend it if you are a beginner and struggle to have good communication.

And if you are at the intermediate, you can practise on your own, listen to soft skill podcasts etc.

Be a Geek: Social Media

If you’re a GenZ, this is not really a big thing for you.

Consumers spend most of their time on social media, if you need to be a good digital marketer, you should be hands on with the current social media trends, the audience you're targeting. In this way you can actually create much relevant content which understands the people’s needs.

Different platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, linkedIn, X have their own type of consumers of different age groups.

You need to identify the target audience and which platform suits you the best.

Know your audience, create targeted content on the right platform! And you’re good to go!

Some Tech: SEO

SEO or search engine optimization is the key to your Digital marketing skills. Having knowledge of this can actually be of great advantage to you. The most effective digital marketing strategies are based on SEO’s so that the search engines like google, bing, yahoo etc prioritise your content to hit the target audience. This includes a proper backlinking structure, debugging site errors, SEO friendly keywords etc.

SEO can actually help you categorise your digital marketing campaign content to your target audience.

Sounds a bit complex? No worries, we offer a comprehensive SEO module as a part of our digital marketing course at IFDA. Click the link to know more!

Here comes the creativity: Video marketing

With the coming of Instagram reels, Youtube shorts, and other similar platforms videos become very resource full for the marketing, you can actually give a lot of information in just 30 secs. It is the best way to grab attention.

People prefer video content compared to reading an article or a post online. It's effortless for the viewers. People love it

Improving your video marketing skills can be very beneficial for a digital marketer. You don't have to be a professional in video production. But you should at least know how to make and edit videos with the help of light tools like Adobe Elements, Filmora etc.

This will be a good start! Trust me your skills will never be wasted in this area.

Ooo some brainy stuff: Data Analysis

Let’s get back to basics now, no matter what you do you can’t escape data analysis. All your strategy decisions will be based on the basis of your analysis. It is very central to everything you do.

If you really wanna be a good digital marketer, this is the basic skill you need. Using google analytics can be very handy when it comes to analysis but this is not all, you need to understand how you can gather information about consumer behaviour and make strategies and solutions according to your campaign.

Data analysis has a very broad aspect. Companies are looking for people who can be very efficient in making effective marketing solutions for the future. You should keep looking for innovative ways to understand industry trends, alternative tools.

It will reflect in your campaign success.

This is something you should seek guidance for!

We offer an amazing comprehensive Diploma course in Data analysis at IFDA. You can check out course details on our website link below.

Industry requirements for digital marketing are at a surge, and I am very sure that it will not go away anytime soon. With the coming of AI technologies, you can actually supplement your skills and get an edge!

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