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Top 10 programming languages that you need to learn after 12th

Programming Language

Learning a coding language can be very beneficial for your technical career in the IT field. It gives you an edge over highly paid jobs in the market. Programming language is one of the most significant tools today. It helps you improve your technical abilities, problem-solving, and analytical skills. If you wanna make a career in the IT field this can be a game changer for you.

As far as the market, web development is at a boom right now and it will remain the same in the future. Learning programming languages which can help you in web development, can actually be beneficial for you.

We at IFDA offer a comprehensive course of Web development which can equip you with every skill you need to do the same.

Now the question comes, which programming language?

I can’t blame you! We have over 600 programming languages available to choose from. It’s a challenging task to decide which one to learn.
Let me do some work for you.
I have sorted and ranked the Top 10 programming languages you need to learn on the basis of industry demand, toughness level, etc

If you wanna become an ace coder, you need to learn these programming languages.
  1. JavaScript
  2. Java
  3. Python
  4. PHP
  5. Golang
  6. Perl
  7. Ruby
  8. C++
  9. C
  10. Swift

#1 JavaScript

Oooo here comes the most commonly used programming language in the world. JavasScript is mainly used to create dynamic web elements like animated graphics, page effects, buttons, etc.

You’ll be amazed to know that is one of the most foundational parts of a browser and search engines.

Every website is dependent on JS to deliver a good user experience of the website.
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#2 Java

You must be thinking Java should be part of JavaScript, well you’re wrong, yeah they have some similarities but they are very different from each other.

It is one of the oldest and most reliable programming languages in today’s times. Android OS and most of the apps that we use are created on Java. It is used to create more complex applications, software platforms like SAP, and salesforces if you ever heard of them.

We offer two courses on Java i.e. courses on Core Java and advanced Java. this will equip you will industry-level insights and live projects so that you can Never lag behind!
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#3 Python

It’s in the third position because it is a very good choice for beginners. Python provides you with easy and concise code, which is easy to understand and read. Python is a future-oriented coding language. Can also be used for both front-end and back-end development.

Python’s growing demand in the market makes it a good choice the students after 12th. Later, they can go for the jobs like Python developer, AI researcher, data scientist, etc

To launch you in your career, IFDA offers three courses in Python i.e. Python, Python with Data Science, and Python with machine learning just to make you industry-ready. You can directly go for jobs like software engineer, or Python developer with our 100% placement assistance programme
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#4 PHP

PHP is a coding language that is used for creating dynamic web pages. It is mandatory to have good hands-on PHP if you are doing something like web development.

PHP is easy to run, and light codes that are used by many popular websites like Facebook, WordPress, Shopify, etc.

IFDA also offers a very comprehensive course to serve all the needs to make you an expert coder in PHP.
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#5 Golang or How we say it GO

This a very new programming language. It has been developed by Google to develop web applications.

I would recommend you to learn this programming language because of its simplicity, Its ability to handle very massive codes, and Its approach to larger projects.

Golang has been used by many companies like Google itself, Uber, twitch, etc.

This language is a potential future programming language that has a greater job market.
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#6 Perl

Perl is a high-level language. This is a general-purpose programming language that is widely used for network programming, and web development.

Perl is easy to learn.

Perl makes itself a great choice for multimedia applications because of its great compatibility with graphics and databases.

This is a very high-paying programming language, if you want to be a programmer, this is really a good choice for you.
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#7 Ruby

If you want to start as a programmer, this is an easy language to learn. Its syntax is very concise. Ruby works on the Ruby on Rails framework which is extremely useful for web developers.

It is used for to develop Web Servers, Static websites, and even tools.

It is also used to build databases.

This is very close to the spoken language and makes it very easy to comprehend.
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#8 C++

C++ is an advanced programming language used to create some amazing applications like Microsoft and Adobe. This language is best for high-performance software, applications, video games, browsers, etc

C++ is more of an extension to C, but a more advanced one. If you’re really good at coding, I would suggest you should go for C++.

IFDA offers a separate course for C++ with an expert faculty, live projects, and hands-on practice Click here to learn more.
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#9 C

It’s a low-level language, the basis for more advanced languages like C++, C-objective, and C#.

You can consider it an old dude, but you can not forget old is gold. It was used to build software, libraries, etc. before the internet era. Its codes are efficient.

It’s still used by companies like Microsoft, Oracle, and Apple.
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#10 Swift

Swift was designed to replace Objective-C as the programming language for developing operating systems like MacOS and iOS.

As we know, MacOS is one of the best operating systems around right now, giving us the success story of Swift.

Its code is simple, concise, and modern. But gives you a very small scope for employment.

Its code is simple, concise, and modern. But gives you a very small scope for employment.
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