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Top 10 Accounting Courses to Enroll After 12th

Top 10 Accounting Course

Thinking about becoming an accountant?
Well, there is good news for you. What if I tell you, you can become a professional accountant just after your 12th?
Sounds amazing right?
I have seen students struggling to choose the right path for their accounting journey. I will also be sorting the courses on the basis of their market relevance and future scope.

I’ll be giving the list of top 10 accounting courses that you can enroll in to become a full-fledged accountant.

What does mean to be a full-fledged accountant?

It's all about keeping records of accounts payables and receivables. You need to generate invoices according to the GST norms., and track bank accounts. This will include organizational bookkeeping. You will use softwares like Tally, Quickbooks, ADP, etc which most companies use for their payroll needs.

So let’s discuss the courses in which you enroll so that you can get a good start in your career as an ace Accountant.

#1 Corporate E-Accounting

This will boom the market in the next 10 years. There will be a strong demand for all accountants & auditors any industry be it IT, Automobile, Banking, or Finance will require a workforce which are equipped with the current TAX regulation, GST norms, etc.

This course is designed to equip you with every skill you need to become an expert in analyzing company finances, making reports, TDS, Taxation, payroll, etc.

The best part is you don’t have to go anywhere for the course. We at IFDA offer this course with industry-trained expert faculties. They will not only teach the fundamentals of accounting but also take you to the level where you can easily get a high-paying job just after your 12th.

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#2 Certificate in Professional Accounting

It is a great course if you wanna become a financial advisor to a reputed company. Professional Accounting includes the entire skill set required to handle company accounts, payrolls, GST, TDS, IT, etc.

This is a very good way to get into the companies that are looking for personnel. I have seen many of my friends working in very reputed companies. This will include advanced auditing skills, and making reports about the company’s finances.

I would recommend you this course if you want to start your corporate journey just after your 12th.

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#3 Certificate in Financial Accounting

This course aims to train you to become a certified financial expert. Companies are looking for somebody who can cater to their needs of Accounts and finances. They are looking for people who can perform various tasks related to accounts like bookkeeping, and rectification in the entries and advise companies on their finance trends.

Maybe it sounds a bit advanced, but it's the most demanding course. IFDA offers a course wherein you will learn tally prime, returns and TDS, GST, etc.

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#4 Tally E-accounting

This course is more for people who want to enhance their skills in the field of accounting. That will give you a hands-on experience with Tally software where you learn all the concepts of accounts, financing, analyzing and summarizing account statements. Tally is one of the most basic software that is used in accounting.

In my opinion, everyone should learn how to use tally for their account management.

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#5 Tally Essential Level

As we see, Tally is becoming a basic need for the people in accounts. Because of that demand for Tally professionals is increasing day by day. Any business you see of any scale will find that they are using Tally in some way or the other. This course will help you out with anything you do, whether you want to do business or want to be a professional Accountant.

We have designed this course in a way so that you can experience the practical demands of the market.

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#6 Tally with TDL

This course is much more advanced than the above two, Here, you will learn Tally Prime with Tally Definition Language.

What’s that now?
It's just an addition to whatever you are learning with Tally, additionally, you will learn how to operate into Tally database, create your own menu, design invoices, etc.

This is one of the best courses when it comes to Tally. Trust me it will make a Tally expert out of you.

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#7 GST

GST itself is very new to people.

This course will help you understand the concepts of GST comprehensively. For many people, they find it very difficult to understand the norms, regulations, structure, and amendments of GST.

If you think you’re weak in GST.
This course will act as a supplement to your accounting skills. This will also include all the necessary skills like how to handle bank reconciliation, e-way bills, e-invoices, etc This course will help you become a GST expert.

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#9 Payroll

Have you ever thought, about how people get their salaries? How do so many employees of an organization get their salaries on time? These things happen because of the people working in the payroll team. This course can help you become a payroll executive, and give a kick-start to your accounting career.

There is always a high demand for the people in payroll departments. This includes managing an organization’s salary structure, deductions, ESI schemes, etc.

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#10 Income Tax

Income Tax is the primary part of one deduction be it in the salaries or in business accounts. It requires a good understanding of taxation concepts. This course includes IT structure, Tax Planning, Tax management filing IT returns, etc.

Maybe this course is a bit more complex than others but trust me it is worth it. This course can help you become an IT expert.

So guys, I hope you get the idea, of which course to choose. And get a high-paying job just after your 12th

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