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Social media, the one thing that keeps up hooked for hours on end. It is such an integral part of our lives that we don't seem to realize its invisible but overpowering influence on our behaviors as an individual and as a consumer.

Owing to social media marketing, there is hardly a product or service whose reviews you didn’t come across on social media before actually buying it. Undoubtedly, we live and breathe on, or at least with social media.

An emerging competent of the popularity of social media has been AI or Artificial Intelligence. The last couple of years witnessed the revolutionary potential of a program that can think like a human, respond like a human, and recreate human thoughts pattern!

It is as fascinating as it sounds. But there is more, a rendezvous of Social media and AI to escalate businesses aka Social media marketing with AI.

What is Social Media Marketing with AI?

Social media marketing with AI is taking leverage of AI’s capabilities to improve the efficacy of your marketing on social media to make a profit and get your marketing game on point.

We have seen apps like Instagram tracking user behavior and pattern to provide content that best aligns with their interests. Though the applications of AI go further than this, and we will talk more about it, proceeding through.

How to use AI in Social Media Marketing?

For Writing Content :- Working on social media means, creating engaging posts as images or videos, which are incomplete without a suitable caption. So even if you have the most enthralling vision on the screen, it is accompanied by text, which AI can write for you by analyzing the mood of the post.

You can use it to create unique and captivating content saving you time and effort. It can fulfill the constant demand for content in social media posts or ads.

Generating Multiple Ideas :- Writing the same thing ten times in ten ways can be a laborious task. AI is to rescue. It can be used to generate multiple and unique responses to the given prompt. It can also offer you different perspectives on the same thing, pushing your creative thinking in a different realm.

AI can be a fine assistance to social media marketers helping them at every step, from research to publishing.

Customer Support for real-time Interaction :- One of the reasons social media marketing thrives is that it crosses the limits of distance between the customer and the product.

If you like a product, you can simply DM the buyer, leaving your query in their chatbox and waiting for their response.

With AI it gets even better. You can take the aid of Chatbots to redress queries and grievances immediately. They can manage large volumes of questions, and issues without any interruptions.

Track Trends and Posts :- On social media every day a new trend goes viral, and a new meme becomes interesting. Keeping with the gazillions of activities happening on the net is humanly unattainable. But it is possible for a machine. You can use it to track the activities happening on the platforms, and know what’s hot and what’s not!

You can also follow the popularity or inadequacy of your published advertisements, to understand what’s working for you the best. It can also analyze the patterns and data to forecast the upcoming trends to keep you ahead in the game.

The insights offered by AI can be useful in altering marketing strategies to improve overall efficiency and engagement.

Personalization :- Delivering quality ads also means delivering them to the targeted audience. You may be offering several services but if you don’t reach the people looking for it, it could be an utter waste. AI can collect, and analyze vast data in seconds to deliver personalized outcomes.

Social Media Monitoring :- Social media is a heaven and hell under one roof. It could be lauding you for your efforts and services most times and for the rest, there could be showers of insensitivities, abuses, and negative comments.

Problem-solving :- creating a website is not a done-for-once-and-forever task. You would have to always keep a track of how your site is functioning. Monitoring the webpage is an essential part of the job of creating it. Hence it is a prerequisite for you to have the patience to work with regularly occurring problems and solve them in the required time with the best possible solution.

AI can be used to listen to all the conversations happening, analyze them, and identify the source of damaging comments to rectify them.

It can also recognize the mention of your brand to give you insight into it.

Some AI tools to begin with

Flick :- An AI tool that writes captions for you, brainstorms ideas, schedule post, and much more.

Lately :- this tool studies all your posts and audience to create content suitable to their preference to help you achieve higher performance.

Audiense :- a tool for social listening on Twitter

Publer :- A collaborative tool to manage your socials, by scheduling, and analyzing your posts across platforms.

Digital First AI :- It devises the best-personalized marketing tactics for your platforms.

Final Thoughts :- AI is here to stay. So the most favorable way to co-exist with is to befriend it. Social media marketing is an essential part form of marketing today and with the help of AI it can get way more easier and way more interesting. All you need is guidance to learn to use AI tools to the best of your advantage as a digital marketer. So if you want that. Check out the Digital Marketing course offered by the IFDA Institute where practical training and live projects prepare you for the real deal!

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