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Is Data Analyst is the right career opportunity for students after the 12th?

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Mark Zuckerberg once said,” Data is the new currency”

With the advent of digitalization, there is an overwhelming outflow of data across organizations. Every organization or company works on data analysis to perform their basic functions like product improvement, financial decisions, new products, or even general decision-making within the organization.

Data Analysis is very crucial for every one of them. It is not limited to just the IT sector. Every sector requires data and data analysts to guide them through proper decision-making like finances, investments, Mergers, etc.

And the good part is you can become an ace Data Analyst just after your 12th. You won't need to do a bachelor's degree or post-grad to become a Data Analyst.


All you need to do is to acquire some skills and pursue some relevant courses and you’re good to go.

You can get really amazing salaries just after your 12th as a data analyst in any big MNC.

Any candidate starting as a fresher Data analyst gets an average annual salary of 3.5 LPA. And with some experience, it goes up to 18 LPA.

Data analysis is something that you should consider as a career option. It high-paying emerging, non-industry specific, and most importantly booming.

Let’s now talk about various aspects of becoming a Data Analyst, so that you can decide for yourself. What will be best for you?


You must be asking what is the demand for a Data Analyst in the future, and what is the future scope.

According to the survey done by MIT in 2021, Data Analyst is the most demanding job in the market. It also says that a Data Analyst has the most payables than any other job in the market.

You must be thinking how it is fresher friendly?

You’ll be surprised to know that this!

76% of the jobs as Data analysts require very little experience, mostly below 5 years which makes it very accessible to the freshers. You know that other sectors are looking for people who have some or the other experience.

So we can say the future is bright!


We Indians are very concerned about the salaries we get in different professions. And why not money is very important for every need you have.

So what are the Salary aspects of a Data Analyst?

Data Analysis is the most demanding skill in the market making it a very high-paying job. Even as a fresher, the average salary that you’ll get will be around 3.5-6 LPA which is very high if you compare it with other professions.


This aspect is very very important if you’re in class 12th right now, maybe you find that Data Analyst is a very static job. You will have to stick with this only.

Let me get this thing clear in your mind.

Its flexibility is one of the major factors why this job is in the most demand. Unlike other professions, you will not be sticking to a particular industry.

This job as a Data Analyst will give you the opportunity to work across different sectors such as banking, finance, Healthcare, education, IT, e-commerce, retail, etc.

According to NASSCOM, the E-commerce industry is worth $58 billion. This industry handles around a million transactions daily. This industry collects and analyses customer data, and behaviors and makes marketing strategies.

They need Data Analysts like never before.

The same goes with Financial giants like Paytm, Policy Bazaar, PhonePe, etc. They are using data analytics to analyze and identify investment patterns, market trends, etc.

What does it take to be a Data Analyst?

I can say for sure that if you do a little smart work. You’ll become a Data Analyst with very minimal effort. It is easy compared to becoming a software developer or any other profession.

The one thing I like about this job is companies are hiring professionals who have the skills and the knowledge to do the job, even if you don't have great educational scores.

Let me give you the list of skills you need to master to become an ace Data Analyst.

  1. Database Management System(SQL, NoSQL)
  2. Data Visualization
  3. Data Cleaning
  4. Linear Algebra
  5. Python
  6. Tableau
  7. Machine Learning

These are the primary skills that you need to learn to become a Data Analyst and get a high-paying job.

If you made up your mind about considering Data analysis as a career option. You must be thinking what should I do now, How do I approach the skills that I need to learn?

Relax, I am here for you.

IFDA offers two most amazing courses that you can enroll in just after your 12th.

  1. Certificate in Data Analysis
  2. Master in Data Analysis.

Both courses are designed in a way you excel in the art of data analysis. And learn from the best faculties and trainers who can give you great insights into industry requirements.

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Take a look at how IFDA helps you to have a great career by delivering the best content and practice.


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