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How to become a Professional Accountant after the 12th?

Accounting Course

The accounting industry is something that never goes down! Every company or business small or big will need somebody who can look after the accounts of the company.

This job not only includes looking after the books but also giving your company a complete financial analysis, identifying the loss areas, and giving suitable solutions to reduce the losses.

If you look more deeply into this you’ll realise that every company big or small is dependent on the accounts for keeping their businesses running and making profits.

I will guide you through the steps on How you can be a professional accountant just after your 12th.

You need to understand that you’ll need a specific set of skills to excel in a specific profession.

These are weapons you need before going to the war.

I will give you the list of the weapons/skills you need to acquire in order to become a professional Accountant.

  1. Tally
  2. Financial Accounting
  3. Professional Accounting
  4. Corporate E-accounting
  5. GST, Income Tax, TDS, Payroll, etc.


Tally is something that is the most basic and foremost skill that you need to learn when it comes to accounting.

This software is the basis of most of the accounts-related operations in any business. Even professionals having expertise in Tally can get a good salary anywhere.

You can do it directly after your 12th, no matter what stream you’re in.

IFDA offers a set of courses on Tally be it Tally with TDL, Tally Essential level, Tally E-accounting, Tally Prime, etc.

These courses will not only give you a comprehensive understanding of all the concepts of accounts but also give you hands-on practical experience for real-time projects.
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Financial Accounting

Financial accounting is something that can equip you with the skills of a financial expert. This skill is very important. You should be able to analyze company finances.

You should be able to make reports of profits and losses and should be able to figure out what the things that are affecting the company's profits and losses.

I understand this needs proper guidance and training.

I will tell you what you need to do. You need to get certified as a Financial accountant.No worries we have a solution for you. IFDA is offering a comprehensive certificate course on Financial accounting.
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Professional Accounting

Professional accounting is more concentrated on bookkeeping, and keeping records of the amount of payables and receivables.

This skill supplements the company’s annual or quarterly analysis reports. Tallying proper accounts looking for discrepancies, and also should be able to rectify them.

This course will also require guidance and training. I am happy to inform you that IFDA also provides this course for all your needs.
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Corporate E-accounting

Corporate E-accounting is something everyone in the market is looking for professionals who have that skill. Corporate E-Accounting will cater to companies' monthly financial transactions like Salaries, maintenance payables, etc.

After this, you will be able to handle all the Corporate world’s accounting needs.

This industry is at a time boom, there always has been and will be demand for employees who are equipped with this certificate.

For this course, You need to join a reputed institute like IFDA and get trained at the industry-level faculty.
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IFDA will make you job-ready!

GST, Income Tax, TDS, Payroll, etc.

As I said before, These skills are like the weapons you need before going to war. These are small but very crucial ones.

GST is a complex regime, which complies with regulations, norms, and structure. This is very basic to every small or big business need to do. Nobody can escape this, That’s makes it very important to have professionals who can deal with such structures and keep things smooth. GST experts can do that!

Income Tax is the primary deduction in any employee's salary or even an organization. This includes filing tax returns, tax management, etc

Various tax deduction has become a headache for companies. They need professionals who can handle everything very smoothly and should have the knowledge of the required tax deduction policy.

Payroll and salaries are the most demanding skills because no matter what you have to process salaries every single month to your employees.

Having knowledge of the skills that are very relevant to the organizations, can help you kick-start your career as an Accountant.

Never Lag Behind! Is something that we follow with full heart, we at IFDA offer courses for every accounting skill you need.

We want our students to excel in whatever they are learning. And we intend to put in the effort.
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