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What is Graphic Designer - Course, Syllabus, Career, Future

What is graphic designer

Graphic designers are more popular in this era as the demand for Graphics is increasing rapidly after the pandemic. Businesses are going online and they need graphics to promote, visualize, and market their brand through graphical format.

This blog will help you to take the right step towards your graphic design career.

What is a Graphic Designer?

Graphic Designers design attractive and eye-catching visuals that provide some story or information to the audience like newspapers, magazines, Banners, Flyers, brochures, Ads, etc. Graphic Designers create a way of communication through visuals that grab the audience's attention.

AI has brought a new change in graphic designing as the work of graphic designers becomes very easy compared to 2022. AI has enhanced the ability and creativity of graphic designers and it will also be a great thing to learn - Graphic Design with AI.

What do Graphic Designers do?

A Graphic Designer can do multiple tasks, but it depends on which profile you are comfortable with. Graphic Designers mainly work in specified fields like Web Design, Desktop Publishing, Creative design, Brand design, Logo, Print Media, Marketing Material, and UI/UX design.

Web Design - While designing a website graphic designers have to create banners, logos,images, thumbnails, icons, and interactive elements. Graphic Designers have to work with Web Developers to make a website design live.

Brand design - Brand Designing include various brand related graphics like icons, color scheme, patterns, logo, png, vectors, etc. A Graphic Designer designs these graphics to establish a foundation of a company/brand in the market.

Creative design - Creative Graphic Designers are innovative and creative as their job is not just creating visuals. They have to create a visual that tells a story or message. They need proper research, ideas, creativity, patience, and an eye of design.

Marketing Material - - Marketing without visuals is not possible, Graphic Designers also design banners, flyers, brochures, Ad Creatives, Thumbnails, Posts for Marketing purposes. Most of the marketing companies hire Graphic Designers.

UI design - - UI Design experts design User Interface of mobile apps, websites, and web apps. The responsibility of a UI designer is to create interactive design for users so they can use the app easily in a minimum amount of clicks.

How to Become a Graphic Designer?

To become a graphic designer you have to start learning the basics of graphic design and fundamentals of designing. You have to also work on your artistic skills, sketching, and styling abilities.

After learning the basics you have to start learning some professional tools like Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, etc.

Which is the best Institute for Graphic Designing Course?

IFDA Institute is offering the best Graphic Designing Course in Delhi. IFDA Institute has anaward winning Institute and has a 95% Placement rate. IFDA Institute is an approved training partner of NSDC (National Skill Corporation) India and affiliates from Skill India, CSC Academy, Digital India, NIELIT, and multiple colleges of Delhi University.

Benefits of IFDA Institute -

  • Government Recognition
  • Globally recognized certificates
  • Employer Trust
  • Gain valuable Skills
  • Practical Learning
  • 100% Job Placement
  • Flexible Schedules

Job Opportunities for Graphic Designers?

Graphic Designing is a very high demanding field and the freelance market is also on boom. Most freelancers work remotely and earn a good amount by working 2-3 hours only. Graphic Designers have various job opportunities as the world needs visuals for story telling and advertisements.

In India, there will be 62% growth of Graphic Designers Job as compared to previous years. Every industry needs graphic designers like the Entertainment Industry, Bollywood Industry, Institutes/ Universities, Small Businesses, Restaurants, Hospitals, Malls, Real Estates, etc.

Here are some of the job opportunities for Graphic Designer-

Job Profile

After completing this course

Average Salary

1+ Year Experience

DTP Operator 25k-50k
DTP Executive 35k -75k
Industrial Designers 50k - 100k
Graphic Designers 60k - 120k
Graphic Editor 70k - 120k
DTP Operator 25k-50k
Post and Template designer 75k - 140k
Cover Page Designer 80k - 150k
Visual Artist 100k - 120k
Image and Logo Designer 100k - 200k
Brouchers and Banner Designer 100k - 200k
UI and UX Designer 100k - 200k
Mockup Designer 100k - 200k
freelancer Designer 100k - 200k
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