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Top 10 Ways To Make Online in 2023


The pandemic gave us a taste of the bliss of working from home, on our conditions, with our flexibility of time and in some cases being our own bosses, leaving us with the desire to continue to savor the relishes of remote working.

Many of us still want to soak up the riches of life, while also earning a regular income but on personal terms. Well, you are looking in the right place to know how to make money online in digitally revolutionized 2023.

So if you are ready to begin your journey as a remote professional, but are still confused about the job you can do, you have the entire blog to weigh and measure where your interests lie and decide which way you want to become a remote professional.


A myth that goes around the jobs that deviate from traditional working arrangements is that usually unskilled professionals or individuals with no competency are on the lookout for remote or online jobs.

If you have given your resources and efforts to earn a degree, have gained some experience, or even worked in the corporate sector, you can make it all count while working online.

Working as a freelancer allows you to maximize the benefits of your skills by providing services to small and big businesses alike. Freelancing is the best way to work online, work with multiple clients, and deliver quality work, all of this from the comfort of your conditions.

Youtube Channel

Youtube has been here for quite some time now, and if you are still wondering if you can make income there, I am a little disheartened.

If you have a hobby, a skill, or any niche that you are passionate about be it cooking, journaling, well-being, digital assistance, or literally anything. You can create a youtube channel around that subject to generate a regular source of income.

If you are worried about the thumbnails, minor editing, and stuff, you can use youtube videos itself to learn and do them. There are free design tools like Canva to give you a helping hand as well.

All you require to start a channel is a phone with good Internet connectivity. So stop overthinking it, fetch your phone, and get started!

Affiliate Marketing

A term that has blown over the internet. At least once you have come across a reel giving you a crash course in affiliate marketing. There are thousands of such videos on the internet for free. Make use of the free resources to earn a side gig.

And if you already have a decently thriving social media platform, like youtube, Pinterest, etc. then affiliate marketing could be your icing on the cake. Refer to products related to your niche or otherwise, and make money every time someone uses your referral to make a purchase.


If you have a spark for writing and can write content that people find pleasing and interesting. Then start a blog.

A blog is a tried and tested method used by many to generate a source of income. If you can be a wordsmith, then use your creativity, and take the help of tools like Grammarly and ChatGPT to write content that intrigues people., build a readership, and once you have good traffic you can use your blog for affiliate marketing or running ads to generate revenue.

Now, the blog is not a route to overnight success if there is anything as overnight success. You need to have patience, consistency, and needles to say interesting and comprehensive content.

Virtual Assistance

Managing time, organizing schedules, and task, and great communication is the passion of many, and the expertise of a lot of people. For this meticulous bunch of people, a virtual assistant is an ideal path to online work.

The job description of a virtual assistant is a little ambiguous because of the subjective demand of the client. But that also means a virtual assistant could be needed for anything from booking a table for the client, scheduling meetings, taking calls, and everything you can think of under administrative services.

Virtual tutor

Virtually offering education was the only means of imparting learning during the pandemic, so almost all of us how that goes.

You can be a virtual tutor, and help students with subjects they find challenging. For being a virtual tutor you do not need to be a maestro in any maths or science, you can teach whatever you think you are most skilled at, be it music, instruments, dance, language, or anything else.

There are online platforms available to list as a tutor and offer your services to the people looking for you.

Sell Your Art

Let’s be honest, not all of us can create fine pottery, a breathtaking dress, or a realistic sketch or painting. However, most of us do know at least one person whose art or craft always leaves us amazed.

The creative lot of you might already have an art page or channel, or if you don't take the hint.

You can sell copies of your photos, painting, and sketches, or make them customized as per the wish of people who want you to create a memento for them. You can sell your pottery through your social media page or list your products on apps like Etsy. or even make your own website to take orders.

Start a Podcast

The podcast has etched a place in the lives of people, who want to utilize their time to learn something new or engage with something fascinating, relatable, or knowledgeable.

If you have something to say, they have something to listen to. With apps like Spotify, the process of making a podcast has been simplified further. You can start with your phone, and a decent-quality of mic so that your audience is not irked by the bad-quality audio.

Keep one thing in mind, in any kind of content creation job, content is superior to most things. Eventually, it is your content which is going to earn you an authentic and loyal audience, who feels a connection with your words (written or verbal) and invests their time, emotions, and money in new.

So it becomes your responsibility to them justice through your content.


A rather underrated field for a country that has most of its population well-versed in at least two languages is translation.

The translation sounds like an intimidating job that only scholars from high institutes would embark upon. Where, it is true that you need some certification to prove your knowledge of the languages, and usually pass a test before getting the job; what's also a fact is that most of us are bilingual, acquainted with one of the regional languages and/or English.

A short-term certification in the language and a few mock tests of translation can pass you through and get the job.

Many writers or firms are looking to diversify their reach by addressing audiences in their native language, you can offer your services to them to translate their work into their native language or vice-versa.

Review Websites or Apps

If you are someone who spends a lot of time on the web, then become a website or app reviewer. As an app or website reviewer, you will need to give feedback on your user experience via a series of video calls while navigating the app.

Entrepreneurs or web developers want others to review their projects and gain essential feedback on the browsing experience on the app or website they have created. You can multiple such reviews in a day to make a decent amount.

To conclude, digitalization has enabled online jobs and made them more convenient. Some people opt for remote working because of restrictions like kids, or parents and some of us just want to live life on our own terms and online jobs allow that. So whatever your reason, think, find, and decide what job you want to take up and start earning money.

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